Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A varied and good life

Previously researchers believed that no new brain cells formed after a human being had reached a certain point in life. Now, they’ve realized their error, their grave error. New brain cells and pathways are formed our entire life.

Science has, as incredible as it may sound once again acknowledged reality.

The more varied and intense a given person’s life is, the more brain cells are formed and more pathways are formed between the cells. One shouldn’t just live a varied and interesting life, but also vary between the variations. Even the slightest variety has value, even though limited in the long run. I have always felt that my mind works better during and after a Journey, and now one has found evidence that this is indeed the case. It’s important to vary one’s activities in everyday life. More than anything it’s crucial not to be stuck, not remain in only one set of surroundings or group of people, one routine or set of routines. The tyranny’s attempt at keeping people at bay becomes, in light of this even a more horrible act. By keeping people down, by not let them grow they steal their spirit and creativity, their very life from them, and it is actually quantifiable.

When a person walks through foreign streets, in places she or he has never before traveled they grow as a person in a way that can hardly be sufficiently measured, it’s true value never be truly appreciated, a way going far beyond both physical and mental processes alone.

Body and mind is, in truth a unit, something more than the sum of its parts. This becomes self-evident when you start studying it all, like it should be studied, through a holistic point of view.

As a given person grows older, after passing middle age, one’s creative and mental capacities are inevitably weakened, but seen in the light of this new information, this is a process that can easily be countered. In a society, the society today’s world is so far away from, where creativity and variety are encouraged and not merely grudgingly accepted people, young and old will need far less care, and contribute to humanity far more than today.

One will create a world people will want to live in, not escape from, one where people will be able to live longer and better, in a society where «quality of life» isn’t just an empty phrase.

What are we waiting for?


jules smith said...

In complete agreement with you and may I congratulate you on your excellent post.

As we get older, those of us who are indeed becoming more 'aware' reality exists outside of the conscious mind and normality is subjective to society's perceptions. The fact we create our own reality through experiences deepens the understanding until finally, realisation hits which then becomes the individualised norm.

Expanding our own perception on life creates new pathways too. The way we think, feel, act, react, choices we make, all join forces to give us purpose. Be our authentic selves and allow for the souls progression both in this lifetime and the next - if that is ones belief. Age isn't just a number, it's a state of mind and although some cells may die due to the natural aging process I to believe all new experiences - and choices make new pathways. Or as I like to call them - journeys ��. Brightest blessings. Namaste Jue

Anonymous said...

" (...) One will create a world people will want to live in, not escape from (...) "

This is an excellent point, and for a lot of people something to chew on! How many times per week do you hear people talking about "escaping everyday life"? How sad, and disturbing, that so many people dream about another way of lie, but know of no other - and cannot imagine another (!) - normality than the everyday life they so much dislike.

We need more freedom, variety and creativity in our lives. A new society.

- CN