Thursday, February 11, 2010

To ruffle people’s sensibilities

This seems to be the worst possible sin in present day society, worse than torturing and killing people.

One thing is for sure: it’s evoking far more powerful feedback.

The sense of proportions in today’s society never ceases to surprise me.

There is a wide range of subjects that can raise people’s irrational ire, even though it’s usually related to religion and nationalism and perceived normality.

For some reason we shouldn’t criticize soldiers slaughtering civilians wholesale. We shouldn’t criticize religion and its people, and uniformed thugs beating up on and also often killing people protesting against the inhuman conditions most people live under. Nudity is also an issue, like what should have been a number of totally unimportant issues and behavior that wouldn’t have bothered people living in a free society at all.

In short, through a series of enforcements and taught cultural predispositions hammered into us since birth we are taught we shouldn’t criticize the very building blocks of this modern society, this horrible, destructive Machine in which we exist. That makes sense in a way… since the people creating and enforcing those written and unwritten rules are the very servants and top people benefiting the most from the current system.

So, one important task is to bypass those concerns, ignore them and challenge them unafraid through art and life at every opportunity. Religion, militarism, the ongoing mental and physical destruction of life should be fought against at every turn, also every single time a person tells you that your words and actions offend them and their ingrained sensibilities.

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