Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic horror

When the summer Olympics was held in China many wanted to boycott the games because of China’s ongoing human rights’ violations, particularly the Tibet question.

In that regard quite a few people all over the world, I among them had quite a lot more to say, arguments that weren't exactly widely broadcasted (heavy irony here).

One matter we brought up was that it was basically boundless hypocrisy, that we could very well use the same arguments for both the current Vancouver winter Olympics and the upcoming London summer Olympics. Western nations like Canada, the United States and United Kingdom are far worse than China in many ways, actually, obviously. There isn’t really any nation on Earth that could arrange any games, anything without deserving a boycott and more…

As far as Canada is concerned people all over the world should certainly have screamed BOYCOTT right now, for Canada’s treatment of its indigenous population, its participation in NATO aggression against defenseless countries, its treatment of its homeless, its horrible environmental record and countless other violations against humanity and life on Earth in general. Everybody screaming up about Tibet two years ago is mysteriously absent when the matter of boycotting the Vancouver Olympics comes up. There is only one word for that:


That’s one side of it. The other I and others brought up and brings up is, in many ways actually, if possible worse.

It’s the place sports have in modern society in general, the enormous waste in terms of financial and human resources all of it is, how the athletes really are like modern gladiators participating in games serving to distract and divert people from true, valid issues. Sports are tyranny’s best friend.

Enormous arenas are built in virtually any country, any city and tiny community around the world. People may starve to death and suffer a hellish existence right outside those arenas, and then, THEN the asshole politicians have the audacity to claim that there is no money, while it’s clearly an issue of horrible priorities. They claim that such insane ventures have a positive effect on the region as a whole, but that’s just more bullshit, of course. It has a positive effect on some rich people’s wallets. Aside from that it’s draining any given area of resources, manpower and last but not least: the right focus.

The downtown East Side in Vancouver is one example of that.

During virtually every winter Olympics and championship these days they’ll have to drive insane amounts of snow to even the highest areas in an ever more desperate effort to hide the stark effects of the human-created Global Warming.

Some people ask, when these issues are brought up: shouldn’t we still admire the athletes? Aren’t they worthy of respect?

My answer is no, a resounding NO. They would be worthy of respect if they used all that energy and willpower and strength and determination on worthy pursuits. Sports aren’t anything like that, but are, on the contrary yet another proof of the horrible disease that is ravaging current humanity and the global society.

People should stop watching the shit, and it would go away. Seeing how people live their lives through the athletes, and don’t live themselves is a sorry sight indeed.

Sports are used for political purposes, created for that very purpose, are nationalism, elitism, greed, deception, diversions, propaganda and opium for the people and should vanish from the face of the Earth this instant.

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