Thursday, February 25, 2010

Basic understanding of life

One of several horrors of modern human behavior is how we treat animals, a behavior mirroring how we treat ourselves and other humans, how we view nature and our place in it in general.

This is a vast tapestry that can’t really be explained without drawing in a lot of seemingly unrelated factors, or at least what most people today see as unrelated factors.

First of all we keep doing, what we have done for a very long time: destroying animal habitats wholesale. This isn’t just what one or a few individuals are doing, but the entire human civilization, what are portrayed as the very best possible society in the propaganda. Civilization is a Machine gobbling up nature and life on Earth wholesale, and the machine, created by humans is, in turn creating humans in its own image.

Many animals grow up in cages, just to end up like pelts, like luxury, foxes never allowed to move beyond their tiny net cage, running miles a day on a «floor» turning their paws into a bloody pulp.

Animals are used as test subjects in laboratories, by producers of perfume,  make up and medicine, callously exploited to «benefit» humans in any possible way. Animal testing is a cruel and inhuman practice, pure torture and should end yesterday.

We kill animals by proxy these days, not like the hunters we are in nature. The animals are mostly born and bred in enormous factories we call farms. They are tortured from cradle to death, until they end up on our dinner table. Most people never see blood their entire lives, and certainly not that of their proxy kill. We kill animals every day, by our passivity and inaction.

Killing animals is perfectly fine, in my eyes, since human beings are natural meat eaters, but not by torturing them to death first and robbing them of any dignity.

So, we grow up ourselves, without really knowing what nature and life is, not so strange then that we become what we eat, become slaves, bereft of dignity and true compassion.

There are a few people fighting for «animal rights» today, but very few truly doing it. Many so-called animal friends are just as much a part of the problem as the perceived worst animal torturer in a laboratory or on a pelt farm.

Many of these people nurture dogs bred to please their human owners, dogs destroyed by centuries of inbreeding, dogs born in pain, existing in pain their entire lives, because they are bred for certain characteristics, because they look pleasing to the current human eye. Many «animal friends» have no qualms about locking birds and others in cages, making them stay in captivity their entire lives.

There are many such examples.

The absolutely worst of the lot is neutering (castration to the unaware), the inhuman practice of cutting off animals’ balls. The «animal welfare» organization, PETA ran an ad a few years’ back, campaigning for the neutering of cats, and many «animal friends» responded favorably, painting it as an act of animal welfare. The most incredible and horrible excuses were used, are used. I was appalled then. I am even more appalled after «discussing» this on Twitter and on blogs recently.

«My dog didn’t seem to mind».

«My cat behaves, now».

«Animals are killed in shelters».

«There are too many of them».

«The cat will look better as an adult».

And I could list numerous more.

Basically it is treated like an order problem. And the animals are blamed for human-related problems, like the mass-killings in shelters, as if one injustice justifies another. We get that a lot today, in lots of areas, also in purely human relations.

And last, but not least:

Neutering isn’t seen as a problem at all, but is, on the contrary presented as a good thing. The cat won’t roam, won’t fight, won't fuck or mark his territory.

In short, he won’t be a cat anymore.

But no one or very few seems to be concerned about that last part.

The cat or the male in general is a nuisance in the current human society. Cut off his balls, neuter him, and the «problem» is solved.

Just like female «promiscuity» (yet another horrible word) is. The female is controlled and ruined, too, of course.

To human males supporting neutering of animals: Do it on yourself first, before you even consider doing it to any other creature.

To human females: rip out your own private parts, and see how much you enjoy it. Then we can talk.

That’s the worst part about «discussing» this with those supporting neutering, I guess: They have no idea of what I’m talking about. They seem totally incapable of understanding what is at stake. There just isn’t any true empathy or respect or awareness there at all. None of them seems to have any notion of what it means for any creature to be robbed of the most fundamental instinct there is.

I guess they are already neutered, in the very basic understanding of the word. Their mind, their very Self is neutered, and thus they lack the ability to understand life, freedom and dignity in its most basic form.

And this isn’t really about neutering anyway. It’s about how certain kind of people look at animals and life and nature in general. Animals aren’t, shouldn't be property. Life on Earth doesn’t exist to serve mankind. Present day humans are very fond of «improving» nature, of ruining it. No wonder humanity is on a collective tailspin suicide run.

And no, this isn’t a discussion: I hate those people’s guts, if they have any, that is. There is no valid justification for doing this, none what so ever.

Civilization itself is destroying everything making life worth living. We are alienated, both from ourselves and from nature.

The majority of modern humans lack, by default that previously mentioned basic understanding of life and of humans’ place in nature, and thereby such horrors like neutering and countless others are allowed to go on.

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I could have linked to a site promoting neutering to illustrate my point further, but I won’t do that. It’s just too sick!


Unknown said...

Hi Amos.. I can't speak fir males..but as a woman I would have gladly had my reproductive organs removed.. When I finally did at age 43 it was a blessing..

I agree with you about animal rights..except neutering cats & dogs.. these animal have evolved w/ us & made a bargain w/ us & become "slaves" willingly in my for the rest..close down the zoos, phase out farm animals..If you must eat meat, hunt it yourself..

Amos Keppler said...


I have to say that your reply only makes me more frustrated. When not even you get it is there any hope for us at all???