Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alarums of Reality

was completed earlier this week, a novel of approximately 130 000 words.

I wrote the last three chapters in a frenzy of five days, 18 000 words. That would amount to well over a million words in a year. My annual average is about 300 000 for my novels and stories, not including the blogs and articles.

It’s the first I’ve completed since 2002 and only the second novel I have written solely on computer since I began writing digitally fifteen years ago.

The reason for this is that I’ve written a lot of other stuff, up to fifteen novels simultaneously, in addition to scripts and blogs, and that I’ve rewritten, translated and expanded upon almost all of my previous novels that existed only on paper, and also finished novels that were initially started on a (gasp) typewriter.

It has taken me nine years to complete Alarums of Reality, and would have probably taken me even longer if I hadn’t decided six months ago that I was actually spreading myself way too thin, and began cutting down on my number of simultaneous projects and delegated the majority of them to the «drawer», and began focusing on those that had progressed the most. It yielded immediate results.

I always do a lot of reflection each time I’ve completed a project.

This is my eleventh novel, counted from a given novel’s initial completion. I started out more than thirty-five years ago, just before or right after my early teens. What quickly became a driving force in my writing was Change, to always strive to set out in new directions, to make sure the next book would be different from the previous. With Alarums of Reality I’ve taken that yet another step or ten further, and outdone myself, quite frankly:

It’s completely different from anything I’ve done before, both in style and content. I think I’ll always be unable to describe the story properly, a fact I’m quite proud of. Another, aside from the fact that I’ve written it at all is that you will never read anything even remotely similar. I certainly haven’t.

If you can't or won't create something original or unique, don't bother.

Almost all of it has been written after I moved, after I began a new phase of my life, even though it was conceived and initiated just before that.

Like almost all my other novels it’s definitely «one of the most controversial novels ever written», something that also brings a great grin to my face.

Only two of my novels have been published so far, but that is about to change. I expect this and the next year to be a deluge of published Amos Keppler novels. Four (and a collection of poems), at the very least are practically ready for release and have been for quite some time. It’s only because I’m idle that those haven’t been released years ago.

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