Saturday, January 09, 2010

Holy cows

An eerie analogue to the Danish Mohammed drawings is now being played out in a British court.

A Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard drew a series of cartoons, published in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten depicting the Islam prophet Mohammed in what is clearly a less favorable light…

It caused uproar among Muslims all over the world. Western commentators held up western democracy as superior to the Muslims’ backwardness, held up freedom of speech and expression as a defense and important reasons for printing the drawings, even though most papers eventually ending up printing them were christian and right wing outlets with their own political agenda.

More about that later.

Fast forwarding to Great Britain march 2009 and British courts early 2010. Seven men, as far as I know Muslims have been charged with numerous «felonies» after their protest when Royal Anglian Regiment marched through Luton town center in March 2009. They shouted «murderers» and «terrorists» at the soldiers. The reactions, among the audience that day, from the prosecution and British authorities in general are strikingly similar to that coming from Muslims after the publications of the Mohammed drawings. The protesters’ words and actions are «offensive, insulting, threatening, abusive and likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress».

Isn’t it amazing and even criminally amazing how far hypocrisy goes? In this case, in the sense that it is covered in any depth by western media at all very few rise their voices in defense of freedom of speech and expression, Here, very few rise to the occasion, to tell people that the seven protesters spoke the absolute and undeniable truth.

And this is clearly a far worse attack on that before mentioned freedom. Here, we witness how the entire judicial system set out to punish seven brave men speaking the obvious fact. While Kurt Westergaard and others are hailed as defenders of freedom the seven men are condemned for it.

In case you’re wondering: I support both Westergaard and the seven protesters’ rights and duty to insult both the insanity of religion and militarism/nationalism. Far more people should do that. This isn’t about that, but about the uneven keel, the blatant and downright dangerous hypocrisy of it all.

More sickening support for militarism - an alternative view of the idolization of dead soldiers.

Loathe - a statement of loathing directed at all religion.

I consider the links an integrated part of the article. All four parts should be read to gain anything resembling or approaching complete understanding.

As an added bonus, to those who want in-depth description of the real problem I can mention that even taking photographs in an ordinary street may result in you getting arrested or at least detained for questioning these days.

In the name of safety all kinds of new, oppressive laws and regulations are introduced, at airports and anywhere else. By basically creating a «war on terror» from scratch without any foundation in reality the tyrannic forces already ruling us set out to crush us even harder under their heel, and we humbly take a bow and say thank you, say grace.

If you are fooled by the official version of anything today you don't have any right to call yourself a free human being or a human being at all.