Monday, December 14, 2009


One word is repeated in the comments from the bold protesters in Copenhagen these days: Unprovoked. The established media’s «reports» from the streets of Copenhagen and the police statements concerning their brutal actions against protesters are exposed as the usual lies and deceit.

Protesters are brutalized and dehumanized in every possible way, forced to sit on cold streets for hours, kept from peeing and shitting, eventually peeing and shitting themselves, imprisoned for up to twelve hours in cages, where they get sick and aren’t helped, and so on, and protesters are accused of being violent?

It’s the same pattern we have seen when people are gathering to protest against injustice, against power. You are told repeatedly that there is a price to pay if you want to exercise your right to protest. You are told that if you are disobedient against the masters at the top of the pyramid you will get beaten. They will strike you with clubs, with break your ribs, will make you suffer. All this while a clueless general population buys the lies and deceit they are fed through established media and official channels without even attempting to exercise any independent thought.

"I'm outraged at this treatment of legitimate protesters & the media's distorted reporting of it." Maude Barlow protester Copenhagen

"Suddenly, an unprovoked and very military-style police action took place." - Maude Barlow protester in Copenhagen

"Why just criminalise protesters, when you can dehumanise them too?” Helga Matthiassen - protester Copenhagen

Others, also neutral observers and even «outstanding citizens» report that they had to seek shelter in restaurants and virtually anywhere from police officers «attacking everybody».

I have read independent news reports even more than I usually do the last few days, and also spoken to people that are present in the cauldron in Copenhagen, all of them presenting a completely different picture than what we are served through the official treacherous channels and their lying shit employees.

Denmark has recently, like so many other nations increased the police’s right to break up protests, to basically behave exactly as they please. The situation for people that want to exercise independent thought and action has gone from bad to worse.

The police hasn’t killed anyone yet, not this time, like they have on many others events in the past, but they have traumatized countless people, deliberately, and made sure many will never dare venture into streets of fire again.

Fortunately there are still people that are able to take even such inhuman treatment and go out there and «ask» for more. That is a comforting thought in this bleak, oppressive society.

Are police officers human beings? Yes, the scariest thought in all of this is that they are, and still are able to behave in such a manner.

And last, but not least it’s important to remember that this isn’t and shouldn’t be about the cops, the Gestapo. One should always keep in mind that they are «merely» the eager servants of the pyramids and the people at the top of it, of a society long ago bereft of reason and basic humanity.

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