Monday, December 07, 2009

The dumb and easily fooled - Radioactive Earth Part 2

The Danes have turned around in their outlook on nuclear power. From a great, massive resistance of 80 percent to what is presently 54 percent in favor.

One factor is good about this: It shows that the Danes have finally started to panic when it comes to Global Warming, and the Climate Change. That realization serves them and others well.

Being utterly fooled by the nuclear power lobbyists doesn’t.

People in Copenhagen have for decades protested against the nuclear power plant across the sound, in Sweden. Now, they want one outside their doorstep. How fickle are people’s convictions.

When focus has now, for a while turned to the Climate Change many people conveniently forget about all the other pollution, all the poisons we produce every day, every second.

Fooling most of the people all the time seem to be beyond easy.

The nuclear power lobbyists have since awareness of Global Warming and Climate Change became an issue used the opportunity to push their insane agenda of a massive expansion of their industry. A powerful lobby group quickly grew even more powerful.

Three horrible factors are important here:

Radioactive material is the absolutely most poisonous material we know. In a world filled with pollution, with poison, this is the absolute worst. The story of nuclear power is one of «accidents», «incidents» and constant spills. A typical reactor, including the «technological superior» in the west and Japan is constantly leaking radioactive material.

Then there is the matter of the radioactive waste, which is a practically unsolvable problem.

And last, but not least there is the danger of a truly horrible accident like Chernobyl or worse.

Supporters of nuclear power claim, in their insane propaganda, that it’s basically harmless. The truth is that nothing is more dangerous. It’s the absolute worst and most dangerous act mankind has ever touched, and that says a lot.

Even a few «environmentalists», among them James Lovelock are supporting it, a truly sad fact.

The «nuclear apologists» basically have two arguments killing each other. First they say that there are no leaks or ongoing leaks from nuclear power plants or reprocessing plants. Then, when that obvious lie is exposed, they claim that the leaks and added, artificial radiation are miniscule and pose no threat to life. They are so childish in their zeal that it’s almost touching, or it would have been if it and they weren’t such a danger to continued life on the planet.

The very existence of nuclear power plants is just a bad idea, and should be abandoned immediately. Madam Curie found death in a handful of sand, and since then many have followed her lead.

Turning the Earth, slowly or quickly into a radioactive wasteland won’t save mankind. This should be evident to everybody. Sadly and horribly it isn’t.

Even the British government termed the birds around the Sellafield reactor «flying nuclear waste». They are quite simply way too dangerous to be around. That was ten years ago. Now, the practically same Labour government has set out to make a massive expansion in Britain’s use of nuclear power. France and China and India and a lot of other countries have similar plans.

Me? I tell people claiming, in their insanity, that nuclear material is safe that they should keep it in their fridge or better, under their bed for a year. If they’re still here after that, then we can talk.

This material, something so lethal that is really beyond poisonous is what greedy and silly and insane business ventures and scientists will use to save us from ourselves?

Yes, that is indeed yet another act that is beyond insane in the present society. Nuclear power and the human-created Global Warming and what is practically the industrial production of poison stem from the same source: from humanity’s alienation from nature, from us abandoning an instinctive awareness of our surroundings. That is what has to change if we are going to save ourselves, not more of the same.

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Anonymous said...

During my undergraduate we had to debate energy quiet alot knowing that potentially we would end up on panels opposing one another in the future.

The lot of a geologist industry and environmentalist in one :/

It was considered by my class mates that I would most likely be head of the 'Hippy Brigade' and so I had to argue from the opposite side.

Know the thing I was not against nuclear power - I considered an efficent way to get the energy we consume as a society without ripping apart our landscapes and polluting our skies to do so.

But I am thourer and open minded so - I researched it - to cover any base they could argue against - I went and spoke to a the civil engineers - one of whom it turned out had been working on storing nuclear waste.

He was against an increase in nuclear power because he was still trying to find ways to safely deal with what we already have.

I had not known this.

I was enlightened and informed via the debate and the others in the group did a very poor job or arguing for renewable - I trounced them but came out knowing that with the way nuclear stands it should not be used.

Amos Keppler said...

Playing devil's advocate and argue from the other side can be very useful sometimes

Anonymous said...

It's rediculous to hear that some people beleive that "[miniscule leaks]pose no threat to life." When plenty of research has been done to prove that minute amounts of radiation can cause crippling and debilitating birth defects, among other things.

The point being that nuclear reactors aren't going away for a very long time until something catastrophic happens again.

Even then, knowing the world we live in today, chances are that such a catastrophic incident will surely be covered up by the media and the government and effects of the event will be severely downplayed.

One such expose of the habits of the United States and the use of nuclear energy is 'The Plutonium Files' by Eileen Welsome. I've mentioned this book time and time again to those interested in such true-to-life conspiracies such as nuclear testing, immunizations, war-propaganda etc. It's a highly enlightening read and would tie very well into your Radioactive Earth series.

Amos Keppler said...

Oh, yes, it most certainly does. The bedfellows of nuclear industry and the military have such a long list of «misconduct» that it would encircle the planet.

The increased radiation is destroying our bodies on a cellular level.

And the nuclear apologists, like the Mr. Fissionary we encountered on Twitter are always on hand to correct our bad thinking, always there with the propaganda to counter the long list of evidence.