Tuesday, December 01, 2009

2012 - The Movie

This is fairly closed to a perfect movie. Roland Emmerich, the director has clearly thought it through. It's obvious that he has a passion for the material, for the story. It's well thought out and executed, almost to the details. Only at the end it is slipping a little. The writer should have died, the touch of a Hollywood ending should have been left out, and the aftermath should have been a few minutes longer and better explained.

This movie has taken a lot of heat, from reviewers and others, from people phrone to ridicule the subject. I don't believe this will happen in 2012, but it's still a great story and a story well told, and not that far away from how it MIGHT happen. Reviewers have stated that people were laughing throughout the film, which is a plain lie. This is a great subject, and, as stated a well-made film.

Emmerich has stated that this will be his last disaster movie, and it is his masterpiece. He has become more skilled with each new film, and with this he shines, quite frankly. We can see that he goes all the way with this one, not holding anything back. The special effects are stunning, but they aren't the most important.

On a more personal note I will say that I am pleased over the fact that the story centers around a writer that has sold 150 copies of his book. Emmerich is a man that has succeeded on the uneven path outside the well-established system of film-making, and that, too shows in his favor. He makes fun of his detractors, and that, too serves him well. I didn't much enjoy his ealier films, but the last two have been fantastic.

I loved this film. 9.4 of 10

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obskur said...

Oh, I do look forward to rewarding myself with this one after passing (?) my exams next week. The big screen is a must!