Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa on the prowl

Santa has had a bad hair day. He has quarreled with his wife, quarreled with his wife yet again. Actually, this is practically an ongoing thing, and the missus is quite pissed off at him. One of his reindeers has a bad toe and is on sick leave, and must stay at home. His sleight gets fewer reindeer powers. But the sleight is still no slouch. Santa stamps on the gas. The missus has left home without him tonight, and left him with the stinking reindeers, and Santa is in a very bad mood.

He has moved around aimlessly for a while when he realizes that the house the missus is visiting is right up the alley. The reindeer howls as he cut the next corner, to the big, bright lit house at the end of the road. He stops the sleight so abruptly that the animals grunt and shit hot shit. The sound of christmas carols reaches his ears, and a happy smile brightens his face. He twists a bit in his seat and grabs his flamethrower and the two semiautomatic guns. The final preparations don’t take long. He has already loaded the guns. The flamethrower is also ready for action. He throws his tools across the shoulders and sets off towards the house at the top of the hill. Slightly out of breath he can finally stop in front of the door and ring the bell. An older gentleman opens the door.

- Santa lends a hand, Santa Clause cries.

- You are early, the old gentleman says happily. – Come in, come in.

- Oh, yes, Santa says, also in a very good mood, - I was done with the last job a lot sooner than expected, so I…

But the older gentleman has already walked back inside and left the door open. Santa chuckles wickedly and jumps inside. He produces both weapons. A little girl comes running.

- Santa, she cries. – SANTA IS HERE

He pulls the trigger and hits her right in the middle of her happy grin. The thunderous crack makes the walls shake. An older girl turns to run and he shoots her in the back. The missus stands there, before him with a silly expression of extreme surprise on her face. Santa cackles and shoots her right in the open mouth. He fires his weapons in an even flow, hitting someone virtually every time. They go down like felled trees. Howling and whining those still able flee the premises. One of the weapons runs out of ammo. He grabs the flamethrower and begins spraying walls and roasting flesh. In less than a minute the flames are licking the walls everywhere, and one may safely assume that the christmas party is a bust. Santa slips in the blood and guts on the floor. He loses his balance, and as he falls his weapon is jammed between himself and the floor. The final load goes off and blows off his head. The eerie, silly grin on his face remains to the last possible moment. The bullet holes make the mask-like smile look very inspired, almost like a work of art.

Author’s word: This story is completely true, even though the author admittedly took some creative liberties upon bringing the tale to life.

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Monday, December 14, 2009


One word is repeated in the comments from the bold protesters in Copenhagen these days: Unprovoked. The established media’s «reports» from the streets of Copenhagen and the police statements concerning their brutal actions against protesters are exposed as the usual lies and deceit.

Protesters are brutalized and dehumanized in every possible way, forced to sit on cold streets for hours, kept from peeing and shitting, eventually peeing and shitting themselves, imprisoned for up to twelve hours in cages, where they get sick and aren’t helped, and so on, and protesters are accused of being violent?

It’s the same pattern we have seen when people are gathering to protest against injustice, against power. You are told repeatedly that there is a price to pay if you want to exercise your right to protest. You are told that if you are disobedient against the masters at the top of the pyramid you will get beaten. They will strike you with clubs, with break your ribs, will make you suffer. All this while a clueless general population buys the lies and deceit they are fed through established media and official channels without even attempting to exercise any independent thought.

"I'm outraged at this treatment of legitimate protesters & the media's distorted reporting of it." Maude Barlow protester Copenhagen

"Suddenly, an unprovoked and very military-style police action took place." - Maude Barlow protester in Copenhagen

"Why just criminalise protesters, when you can dehumanise them too?” Helga Matthiassen - protester Copenhagen

Others, also neutral observers and even «outstanding citizens» report that they had to seek shelter in restaurants and virtually anywhere from police officers «attacking everybody».

I have read independent news reports even more than I usually do the last few days, and also spoken to people that are present in the cauldron in Copenhagen, all of them presenting a completely different picture than what we are served through the official treacherous channels and their lying shit employees.

Denmark has recently, like so many other nations increased the police’s right to break up protests, to basically behave exactly as they please. The situation for people that want to exercise independent thought and action has gone from bad to worse.

The police hasn’t killed anyone yet, not this time, like they have on many others events in the past, but they have traumatized countless people, deliberately, and made sure many will never dare venture into streets of fire again.

Fortunately there are still people that are able to take even such inhuman treatment and go out there and «ask» for more. That is a comforting thought in this bleak, oppressive society.

Are police officers human beings? Yes, the scariest thought in all of this is that they are, and still are able to behave in such a manner.

And last, but not least it’s important to remember that this isn’t and shouldn’t be about the cops, the Gestapo. One should always keep in mind that they are «merely» the eager servants of the pyramids and the people at the top of it, of a society long ago bereft of reason and basic humanity.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A list

I’m going to do something unprecedented (for me, that is). I’m going to make a list of what I’m going to do/accomplish in what is left of 2009 and during 2010.

I’m going to sign the contract with an international printer/distributor of books (done), and I’m going to publish at least one novel: The Defenseless, a story I originally wrote in my teens, which I’ve since then rewritten, translated and expanded. Except for one final bout of rereading it’s ready, with cover and everything.

I will restart my career as writer/director/participant/actor in films, theater and plays. 3 shorts and 2 long stories are ready to be made. Confessions of a midnight cannibal could start shooting tomorrow.

I should return to music. I’ve been away from it for too long.

There is a lot of unplowed ground for all of this, a lot not made or published or written. Internet is the new arena for all of it, even though live performances should always be there.

Films, books, music, serialized «tv» (web), totally ignoring the censorship so prevalent today. Let them come for me. They have always done that, and I’m still here.

And my poker success should begin in earnest, of course.

The plan was to reach the final table in a major tournament before the end of 2010. That’s still my goal, even if it has become more difficult because of my troublesome neck.

So, another goal is certainly to get well, to be completely healed.

My neck has made everything more difficult for me, including financially.

During my recent London trip I set out to win enough money to continue to Las Vegas and play in the World Poker Tour festival there, and I was actually not that far away. It is possible. When I focus my will I can do anything. I know that.

I have accomplished all the goals I set for myself when I was twenty, every single one. I had done that by the time I was 42. Things take time, but are doable, with persistence and patience. I learned everything I needed to learn from scratch, without formal schooling. My formal schooling was a great and major disaster, I’m happy to say.

During those 22 years I added new goals for myself, but all those I had listed on my twentieth birthday were accomplished way ahead of the initial schedule… being my entire life.

I have traveled the world, done so several times, have visited all continents except Australia and Antarctica (and I was really close to Antarctica), and met a lot of beyond interesting fellow Travelers with a similar outlook on life. I lived and live on my earnings as a poker player and have played all over the planet.

I have published novels, have become a writer and artist in my own right, in name and fact, independent of the old, trite established and oppressive system. Later I also became an actor, wrote screenplays and played theater, became a musician and a composer. And the musician/composer part wasn’t even in the original plan. That was a coincidence. I tossed a coin when I was fifteen whether I should become a musician or a writer. The writing won, and will always be first, but I can safely state that I got a part of both.

The main objective was personal empowerment. Everything else followed that.

When I was twenty I set out to change my life, to become an assertive and independent person, and I did.

I have had a great life so far. I have become the Nomad, the Traveler I always desired to be, mind and matter and Shadow. I have become a witch, a seeker in Shadow. I’ve become physically fit, able to live and survive in the wilderness, even if I still have a stretch to go before I become a full-fledged survivalist.

All this didn’t find me my accident. I sought it, both within and without, and I found it, against incredible odds.

Variety has become so much more than a word to me.

Hopefully it’s only the beginning.

The most difficult an artist, a creative person can do is to compete against oneself, and I’ve done a lot to compete with, I'm proud to say.

With the current world so full of shit it feels even better to have done and do something honest and real.

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Monday, December 07, 2009

The dumb and easily fooled - Radioactive Earth Part 2

The Danes have turned around in their outlook on nuclear power. From a great, massive resistance of 80 percent to what is presently 54 percent in favor.

One factor is good about this: It shows that the Danes have finally started to panic when it comes to Global Warming, and the Climate Change. That realization serves them and others well.

Being utterly fooled by the nuclear power lobbyists doesn’t.

People in Copenhagen have for decades protested against the nuclear power plant across the sound, in Sweden. Now, they want one outside their doorstep. How fickle are people’s convictions.

When focus has now, for a while turned to the Climate Change many people conveniently forget about all the other pollution, all the poisons we produce every day, every second.

Fooling most of the people all the time seem to be beyond easy.

The nuclear power lobbyists have since awareness of Global Warming and Climate Change became an issue used the opportunity to push their insane agenda of a massive expansion of their industry. A powerful lobby group quickly grew even more powerful.

Three horrible factors are important here:

Radioactive material is the absolutely most poisonous material we know. In a world filled with pollution, with poison, this is the absolute worst. The story of nuclear power is one of «accidents», «incidents» and constant spills. A typical reactor, including the «technological superior» in the west and Japan is constantly leaking radioactive material.

Then there is the matter of the radioactive waste, which is a practically unsolvable problem.

And last, but not least there is the danger of a truly horrible accident like Chernobyl or worse.

Supporters of nuclear power claim, in their insane propaganda, that it’s basically harmless. The truth is that nothing is more dangerous. It’s the absolute worst and most dangerous act mankind has ever touched, and that says a lot.

Even a few «environmentalists», among them James Lovelock are supporting it, a truly sad fact.

The «nuclear apologists» basically have two arguments killing each other. First they say that there are no leaks or ongoing leaks from nuclear power plants or reprocessing plants. Then, when that obvious lie is exposed, they claim that the leaks and added, artificial radiation are miniscule and pose no threat to life. They are so childish in their zeal that it’s almost touching, or it would have been if it and they weren’t such a danger to continued life on the planet.

The very existence of nuclear power plants is just a bad idea, and should be abandoned immediately. Madam Curie found death in a handful of sand, and since then many have followed her lead.

Turning the Earth, slowly or quickly into a radioactive wasteland won’t save mankind. This should be evident to everybody. Sadly and horribly it isn’t.

Even the British government termed the birds around the Sellafield reactor «flying nuclear waste». They are quite simply way too dangerous to be around. That was ten years ago. Now, the practically same Labour government has set out to make a massive expansion in Britain’s use of nuclear power. France and China and India and a lot of other countries have similar plans.

Me? I tell people claiming, in their insanity, that nuclear material is safe that they should keep it in their fridge or better, under their bed for a year. If they’re still here after that, then we can talk.

This material, something so lethal that is really beyond poisonous is what greedy and silly and insane business ventures and scientists will use to save us from ourselves?

Yes, that is indeed yet another act that is beyond insane in the present society. Nuclear power and the human-created Global Warming and what is practically the industrial production of poison stem from the same source: from humanity’s alienation from nature, from us abandoning an instinctive awareness of our surroundings. That is what has to change if we are going to save ourselves, not more of the same.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

2012 - The Movie

This is fairly closed to a perfect movie. Roland Emmerich, the director has clearly thought it through. It's obvious that he has a passion for the material, for the story. It's well thought out and executed, almost to the details. Only at the end it is slipping a little. The writer should have died, the touch of a Hollywood ending should have been left out, and the aftermath should have been a few minutes longer and better explained.

This movie has taken a lot of heat, from reviewers and others, from people phrone to ridicule the subject. I don't believe this will happen in 2012, but it's still a great story and a story well told, and not that far away from how it MIGHT happen. Reviewers have stated that people were laughing throughout the film, which is a plain lie. This is a great subject, and, as stated a well-made film.

Emmerich has stated that this will be his last disaster movie, and it is his masterpiece. He has become more skilled with each new film, and with this he shines, quite frankly. We can see that he goes all the way with this one, not holding anything back. The special effects are stunning, but they aren't the most important.

On a more personal note I will say that I am pleased over the fact that the story centers around a writer that has sold 150 copies of his book. Emmerich is a man that has succeeded on the uneven path outside the well-established system of film-making, and that, too shows in his favor. He makes fun of his detractors, and that, too serves him well. I didn't much enjoy his ealier films, but the last two have been fantastic.

I loved this film. 9.4 of 10