Monday, November 30, 2009

The pox on mankind

One subject among several I’ve been happy about on Twitter and elsewhere lately is the new aggressive, militant atheism. Most atheists I knew and knew of in the past were way too tolerant about religion’s countless atrocities and dominant position in the present world. That people put up with the dominance of such organized insanity has always been beyond me.

Religion is a pox on mankind, pure and simple, always has been, is and will be. Religious people are deranged as individuals and beyond dangerous as groups. With billions of them worldwide there is no surprise that humanity is so out of it today.

Atheists are quite the diverse «group». What we have in common is that we don’t believe there are any gods, not the christian god, and not the numerous other major or minor gods out there. It is that simple. Everything else is optional.

Humans created the gods, mostly out of various kinds of fear, and some people’s wish to dominate others. It’s way past time that we put a stop to this. We shouldn’t live in constant fear, and no one should rule others.

That, too, is very simple.

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Todd said...

It is a wonderful sight to see religious people being called out for all of the evil that they do.

One criticism I hear is that militant atheism will turn people away. Personally, I don't care.

I have spent my time being nice, and studying religion in order to present intelligent arguments.

Here is what I found out.

1. Most religious people know next to nothing about religion, so any intelligent argument that you present will be useless.

2. Being nice simply allows them to rest in the secure and comfortable conceit which says that religion is above criticism.

3. Nothing you say, and no evidence that you present, will convince a true believer.

During this time, I have watched religious people trample on the rights of others. I have seen them kill and maim for their beliefs.

I have seen them cover up child abuse, and spread lies about condom use in Africa where AIDS is rampant.

The atrocities are endless. If you are not an angry atheist, you are not paying attention.

Don't worry about being liked because they already don't like you for simply being a non-believer.

Don't worry about turning them away because they won't listen anyway.

Take a stand. Call them out on the evils that they commit.

We don't need to convince them. We just need to stop the harm that they do.

Ridicule and exposure are excellent tools. I long for the day when people are too embarrassed to declare that they are religious.

Religion is a war against humanity.

It's time to fight back.

Amos Keppler said...

There is just no reason to be nice to them. There is, on the contrary countless reasons to not be.

One thing is how badly christian individuals treat others, another and far worse is the total sum of horrors they make in the world.

Cocos Butter said...

They definitely need to be called out and educated on their own book and history of their faith. I find it to be ridiculous how little they even know about what is in their own book! Then they ignore verses given to them that don't fit their motive while throwing out ones that do. HYPOCRITICAL BULLSHITTERS. I guess some you can't blame for being brainwashed, but I can certainly blame them for not wanting to be open minded enough to research their choices.

The condescending ones are the worst...

Amos Keppler said...

Especially those that want to save you. I don't want to be saved. I enjoy being a condemned sinner...

Joshua Scheer said...

I think what all of you are forgetting is that all human beings, religious or not, commit atrocities. To call out religious offenders and not others is hypocritical. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and atheists are all fallible human beings with the same capability of evil.

Amos Keppler said...

I'm not saying that the rest is infallible at all, just that religion, all religion is increasing all mankind's bad sides.

Unknown said...

Great post -I agree with you that it's about time we started standing up to the religious crimes and bigotry in a way that actually creates change.

JDS, while you make a good point, I think what the post is about is dealing with evils done *in the name of* religion, a false and manmade construct that causes death, terrible psychological damage and numerous other ills.

Yes, all people have the capacity for horrible evils -but none do it so willingly or so quickly when they feel it is justified in the name of their petty imaginary friend.