Thursday, November 19, 2009

All Soul's Night

I see masks dance in the air
I see them fall like rain
On All Soul's Night

I see the weird shimmer in the night
Something different from what my eyes see
Everything is opening up
On All Soul's Night

A woman is coming at me from the left
I see beyond her mask
To her seething Shadow beyond
Boiling blood flows through my veins

I died the first time when I was three
Floating under the ceiling
Looking down on my blue, still body
Listening to people speak far away
Breaking through the veil
To the Other World

I returned from a land
Of mist and shadow
So much more
Than I had been

I died the second time
When i was nine and a score
I fell on my back
And as my worried friends
Gathered around my still body
I fell into a hole black and deep
To The Other World

I saw so much more this time
Of the land of mist and shadow
I sensed spirits, ghouls and
What was Beyond
Knowing my distant friends
And the world they roamed
Better than I ever had
In an instant or two or three
during the time I was dead
Everything woke up inside me

And it stayed awake, stayed open
Like it does to this day
On this All Soul's Night

In a glimpse, in a mirror
Far more powerful than the reflection
We see ourselves as we truly are

Amos Keppler
Late October/early November 2009

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