Monday, November 30, 2009

The pox on mankind

One subject among several I’ve been happy about on Twitter and elsewhere lately is the new aggressive, militant atheism. Most atheists I knew and knew of in the past were way too tolerant about religion’s countless atrocities and dominant position in the present world. That people put up with the dominance of such organized insanity has always been beyond me.

Religion is a pox on mankind, pure and simple, always has been, is and will be. Religious people are deranged as individuals and beyond dangerous as groups. With billions of them worldwide there is no surprise that humanity is so out of it today.

Atheists are quite the diverse «group». What we have in common is that we don’t believe there are any gods, not the christian god, and not the numerous other major or minor gods out there. It is that simple. Everything else is optional.

Humans created the gods, mostly out of various kinds of fear, and some people’s wish to dominate others. It’s way past time that we put a stop to this. We shouldn’t live in constant fear, and no one should rule others.

That, too, is very simple.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

All Soul's Night

I see masks dance in the air
I see them fall like rain
On All Soul's Night

I see the weird shimmer in the night
Something different from what my eyes see
Everything is opening up
On All Soul's Night

A woman is coming at me from the left
I see beyond her mask
To her seething Shadow beyond
Boiling blood flows through my veins

I died the first time when I was three
Floating under the ceiling
Looking down on my blue, still body
Listening to people speak far away
Breaking through the veil
To the Other World

I returned from a land
Of mist and shadow
So much more
Than I had been

I died the second time
When i was nine and a score
I fell on my back
And as my worried friends
Gathered around my still body
I fell into a hole black and deep
To The Other World

I saw so much more this time
Of the land of mist and shadow
I sensed spirits, ghouls and
What was Beyond
Knowing my distant friends
And the world they roamed
Better than I ever had
In an instant or two or three
during the time I was dead
Everything woke up inside me

And it stayed awake, stayed open
Like it does to this day
On this All Soul's Night

In a glimpse, in a mirror
Far more powerful than the reflection
We see ourselves as we truly are

Amos Keppler
Late October/early November 2009