Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wreck on the highway

It started in the late eighties, in Denmark of all places. Since then it has become very popular all over the world. It goes like this:

Truck drivers are shaken by a series of spectacular suicides. Drivers wait until the last second and then make a sharp turn to collide front to front with the truck. It’s usually done on a highway, in high speed. The car and its driver, of course are like mashed potatoes after such a brutal, deliberate collision. There is hardly anything left to bury.

Therapists treating the surviving truck drivers were initially baffled by all this. Since then, after the phenomenon began spreading a hint of fear has been added. They started investigating it further, and found that over half of the front to front collisions in Scandinavia and Northern Europe from 1989 to 1999 had been premeditated.

There has never been much about this in the established media. It has been going on for twenty years, now, without anything even resembling front page coverage.

Fences have been put up between lanes, even where the lanes are divided, to no avail. People wanting to commit suicide will do so, no matter the security measures. Obviously.

Committing suicide is illegal, as I understand it. At least you may be locked up without a trial if you survive. But the thing is with many suicidal people: they are very committed to their cause. Various governments have done a lot to keep people from jumping from The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and other bridges, without much success. If people want to die and are very determined there isn’t any easy way to stop them.

Obviously not.

Must be very frustrating.


Skarntyde Hemlock said...

That one hit close to home. My uncle died like this. To this very day I wonder if it was premeditated. One the one hand, he was heading home after a tiring trip, and the winter ice was just setting in. On the other hand ... you never know, do you?

Amos Keppler said...

No, you don't. And the thing with these people, as far as i recall is that they aren't leaving a note either.

But witness reports and other factors, the speeding up before impact, the lack of burned rubber on the road and so on leave little doubt about what has happened.