Thursday, October 15, 2009

Warmer, wetter, wilder

Eleven years ago:

1998 was the warmest year since systematic measurement started, according to the UN meteorological organization WMO. This means that the 10 warmest years measured, all have been within the last 12 year period. Every month this year have up till now been warmer than the same last year. Everything suggests that 1998 beats every single former record, WMO General Secretary G. O. P. Obasi said at the current climate conference in Buenos Aires.

WMO has a network of 300 stations measuring temperatures from the Arctic to Antarctica.

- By these measurements we’re able to document that the concentration of climatic gases continue to increase, Obasi says. - The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is now 35 percent higher since before the industrial revolution. The number of storms and their strength are also on the rise. We know that warmer weather increases the strength and numbers of extreme weather conditions.

There are three main issues one should note about the human created Global Warming:

One: it is here, far more volatile than most people and public officials and even most scientists wish to admit. The few tiny «attempts» at stopping it in the works now, like recycling and more effective light bulbs won’t even slow it down. The Kyoto accord was totally useless. Whatever is the result of the Copenhagen meeting will be, too.

Two: There are a lot of powerful people all over the world, in key positions that work hard, extremely hard to spread their propaganda against the unfolding truth. These people will stop at nothing to keep anything truly effective from being done.

Three: My guess is that there will be a lot of bloggers writing about the more prosaic and useless themes of Global Warming today, repeat ad nausea what is well within the public domain, and hardly even scratch the surface to what’s needed. They will use the buzz words and do their best, deliberately or not to conceal the issue, will conceal the true ramifications of Global Warming, of pollution and of civilization itself.

The truth is that none of the so called preventive actions on the main table today will work. They can’t truly be called preventive actions at all. They are quite simply just more diversions, more ways for the dominating forces in society to conceal the issues in play.

And since most people are buying that, they will repeat the lies and deceit, as most people always do, and aid in the widespread deception.

You’ll have to look long and hard for relevant information on blog action day, this year supposed to be about Global Warming and the human created climate change.

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Henry Powderly said...

I dig the angst. But, then, what do you think needs to be done?

Amos Keppler said...

I write a lot about it in the linked articles and on the rest of my Internet pages. See the links down on the right.

Briefly, we need to scale down society dramatically, change it in fundamental ways to a place where we live with nature, instead of against it. It's so simple and seemingly, so difficult.

I don't see it as angst, really, in my understanding of the word, but facts.

I liked what you wrote in your article. We're indeed killing the world and thereby ourselves.