Saturday, October 10, 2009

Six months

I have now been on Twitter for six months.

One reason I joined was that I wanted to return to my Midnight Fire blog that had been more or less in hiatus for two years. That worked great.

The main reason is the usual reason why I do anything, to reach out to the world, to find likeminded people and more of the spice of Life, and I have.

During these six months I’ve found many new contacts and even a few more friends, more wanderers in Shadow. Thus it is worth it.

I have two basic rules for following. I follow no one not following me and they have to be interesting one way or another. Since I follow both rules I have to break them both occasionally. It doesn’t bother me. Rules are made to be broken. Or rather: rules are, as always a bad excuse for living. I currently follow 326 people and are followed by 450. My numbers increase at a slow pace, and I’m quite okay with that. I prefer quality before quantity.

Advertising is blocked, period! I hate advertising, including veiled, indirect advertising.

Interaction is very important to me. If people don’t reply to my tweets I will always consider removing them, whether or not they follow me or are interesting.

Yes, it is worth it, but I also meet the same frustrations here as I do elsewhere on Internet and in society in general. No matter the subject, whether or not it is environmentalism, art/writing or people’s view of existence as a whole I find that most of those I encounter are way too entrenched in traditionalism and established society. And worse, by default: they can’t even imagine that there are people that aren’t, and that the world is so horribly screwed up that there is a desperate need for everybody to wake up and smell the stinking coffee. They even grow angry and attack the messenger when their obvious sheep-like attitude is pointed out to them. Like Goethe said: «Nobody is more hopelessly enslaved then those falsely believing themselves to be free».

So Twitter is like Internet in general: a mirror image of the society we live in.

I keep seeking uncompromising rebels, artists, witches and other Human Beings eager to transcend and transform society and embrace the world.


Skarntyde Hemlock said...

I'm still impressed, and a little worried, about how you managed to write 4300 tweets in such a short amount of time. Worried, because you might singlehandedly bring down the twitter servers one of these days.

Amos Keppler said...

That would be great advertising for my novels. :)