Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No god

Religious tweeters first tried to trend Know God, know peace. No God, no peace on Twitter. It ended up trending No God at the very top of the list and encouraging atheists to post no god know peace. Then after hours of heavy, very enjoyable posting, a so called trend war Twitter removed no god from the trending list, joining it with «know god», even though No God had far higher numbers.

And the hashtag #NoGod could no longer be searched properly.

They attempted to explain away their crime, but there is very little doubt that this is censorship of the worst order. Their various explanations ring hollow and is basically bullshit. This with people claiming that they don’t interfere with the tweeting except when it is pure spam.

Atheists have attempted for months to make a related topic reach the top ten. Now, we know why it didn’t work. Twitter is clearly biased in favor of christianity.

But it doesn’t seem like they know their own medium very well. There have been many cases where the tables have been turned on people and firms attempting censorship by people using Twitter. This time it does look like it will turn on themselves. Hopefully it will. Let’s pray it doesn’t end here… in any way.

People, not only atheists... are pissed. They call it one of the worst cases of censorship on the Internet... ever.

Twitter's terms of service: «We may not monitor or control the Content posted or endorse any opinions expressed.»

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Impulsive said...

Know God = no censorship... NO God = KNOW censorship.

Thanks for helping to bring this injustice into the light!

Amos Keppler said...

You're welcome.

I'm a poker player, too, btw