Saturday, October 24, 2009

The mindless, the insecure and the hateful

A survey for the British newspaper Daily Telegraph shows that 22 percent is considering voting for the British National Party (BNP). The survey is done after the BNP-leader Nick Griffin’s infamous appearance on BBC Question Time (#bbcqt on Twitter). Among the reasons for their potential vote people say that white people, «indigenous white British people» have become threatened and are under attack in their own country. Almost half of those asked, including many that wouldn’t, «under no circumstances» consider voting for BNP shared that view.

These numbers and viewpoints are more or less shared in most western countries, sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but the existing undercurrent is pretty much the same. There are large nationalist and racist political parties in many countries. The Norwegian «Progress» Party, seething with nationalism and racism gained 22 percent in the recent parliament election.

Many whites in the United States have expressed similar «concerns», especially after Barack Hussein Obama was elected president. Australia has also had a heavy increase in overt racism lately.

There is no sane reason, or even anything even resembling a sane reason for these viewpoints, but they are still there, like a cancer in the modern society. Griffin’s popularity becomes almost laughable when you consider how he obviously made a total ass of himself on Question Time, but as has been shown on many occasions earlier: racism and bias and similar expressions of the lowest common denominator in human beings don’t care about reason, about dignity and respect for others. It just keeps festering beneath the surface, growing like a never closing wound.

It is no laughing matter, even though many of the statements coming from Griffin and equals are indeed laughable to a somewhat truly decent and intelligent person.

Griffin’s appearance was discussed on Twitter. Most felt he had completely fucked up, ruined any change for him or his party to ever grow big and influential in British society. I and a few others, having realized the irrational behavior inherent in racists weren’t so sure, and, as usual our worst fears were confirmed.

The same people that have, for decades instigated and supported attacks on other races and cultures claim that they are the victims. Again, it would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic and dangerous. They deserve no respect, but they get the respect anyway, of sorts. They are listened to and appeased and society is changed to suit them, instead of them and their inhuman views being rejected and attacked like the waste they are and the rubbish it is.

Established politicians in all countries talk about «being firm» against asylum seekers and other «threats» to the white christian dominance in a given country. The truth is that far more than 22 percent support the ideals put forward by Mr. Griffin and pals across the world. No country has ever made a stand against the undercurrent of racism, and the result is not hard to see.

The nationalist groups in Europe are currently discussing cooperation between themselves across borders. I guess their sense of irony is just as lacking as their basic humanity.

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