Saturday, October 24, 2009

The mindless, the insecure and the hateful

A survey for the British newspaper Daily Telegraph shows that 22 percent is considering voting for the British National Party (BNP). The survey is done after the BNP-leader Nick Griffin’s infamous appearance on BBC Question Time (#bbcqt on Twitter). Among the reasons for their potential vote people say that white people, «indigenous white British people» have become threatened and are under attack in their own country. Almost half of those asked, including many that wouldn’t, «under no circumstances» consider voting for BNP shared that view.

These numbers and viewpoints are more or less shared in most western countries, sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but the existing undercurrent is pretty much the same. There are large nationalist and racist political parties in many countries. The Norwegian «Progress» Party, seething with nationalism and racism gained 22 percent in the recent parliament election.

Many whites in the United States have expressed similar «concerns», especially after Barack Hussein Obama was elected president. Australia has also had a heavy increase in overt racism lately.

There is no sane reason, or even anything even resembling a sane reason for these viewpoints, but they are still there, like a cancer in the modern society. Griffin’s popularity becomes almost laughable when you consider how he obviously made a total ass of himself on Question Time, but as has been shown on many occasions earlier: racism and bias and similar expressions of the lowest common denominator in human beings don’t care about reason, about dignity and respect for others. It just keeps festering beneath the surface, growing like a never closing wound.

It is no laughing matter, even though many of the statements coming from Griffin and equals are indeed laughable to a somewhat truly decent and intelligent person.

Griffin’s appearance was discussed on Twitter. Most felt he had completely fucked up, ruined any change for him or his party to ever grow big and influential in British society. I and a few others, having realized the irrational behavior inherent in racists weren’t so sure, and, as usual our worst fears were confirmed.

The same people that have, for decades instigated and supported attacks on other races and cultures claim that they are the victims. Again, it would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic and dangerous. They deserve no respect, but they get the respect anyway, of sorts. They are listened to and appeased and society is changed to suit them, instead of them and their inhuman views being rejected and attacked like the waste they are and the rubbish it is.

Established politicians in all countries talk about «being firm» against asylum seekers and other «threats» to the white christian dominance in a given country. The truth is that far more than 22 percent support the ideals put forward by Mr. Griffin and pals across the world. No country has ever made a stand against the undercurrent of racism, and the result is not hard to see.

The nationalist groups in Europe are currently discussing cooperation between themselves across borders. I guess their sense of irony is just as lacking as their basic humanity.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No god

Religious tweeters first tried to trend Know God, know peace. No God, no peace on Twitter. It ended up trending No God at the very top of the list and encouraging atheists to post no god know peace. Then after hours of heavy, very enjoyable posting, a so called trend war Twitter removed no god from the trending list, joining it with «know god», even though No God had far higher numbers.

And the hashtag #NoGod could no longer be searched properly.

They attempted to explain away their crime, but there is very little doubt that this is censorship of the worst order. Their various explanations ring hollow and is basically bullshit. This with people claiming that they don’t interfere with the tweeting except when it is pure spam.

Atheists have attempted for months to make a related topic reach the top ten. Now, we know why it didn’t work. Twitter is clearly biased in favor of christianity.

But it doesn’t seem like they know their own medium very well. There have been many cases where the tables have been turned on people and firms attempting censorship by people using Twitter. This time it does look like it will turn on themselves. Hopefully it will. Let’s pray it doesn’t end here… in any way.

People, not only atheists... are pissed. They call it one of the worst cases of censorship on the Internet... ever.

Twitter's terms of service: «We may not monitor or control the Content posted or endorse any opinions expressed.»

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Warmer, wetter, wilder

Eleven years ago:

1998 was the warmest year since systematic measurement started, according to the UN meteorological organization WMO. This means that the 10 warmest years measured, all have been within the last 12 year period. Every month this year have up till now been warmer than the same last year. Everything suggests that 1998 beats every single former record, WMO General Secretary G. O. P. Obasi said at the current climate conference in Buenos Aires.

WMO has a network of 300 stations measuring temperatures from the Arctic to Antarctica.

- By these measurements we’re able to document that the concentration of climatic gases continue to increase, Obasi says. - The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is now 35 percent higher since before the industrial revolution. The number of storms and their strength are also on the rise. We know that warmer weather increases the strength and numbers of extreme weather conditions.

There are three main issues one should note about the human created Global Warming:

One: it is here, far more volatile than most people and public officials and even most scientists wish to admit. The few tiny «attempts» at stopping it in the works now, like recycling and more effective light bulbs won’t even slow it down. The Kyoto accord was totally useless. Whatever is the result of the Copenhagen meeting will be, too.

Two: There are a lot of powerful people all over the world, in key positions that work hard, extremely hard to spread their propaganda against the unfolding truth. These people will stop at nothing to keep anything truly effective from being done.

Three: My guess is that there will be a lot of bloggers writing about the more prosaic and useless themes of Global Warming today, repeat ad nausea what is well within the public domain, and hardly even scratch the surface to what’s needed. They will use the buzz words and do their best, deliberately or not to conceal the issue, will conceal the true ramifications of Global Warming, of pollution and of civilization itself.

The truth is that none of the so called preventive actions on the main table today will work. They can’t truly be called preventive actions at all. They are quite simply just more diversions, more ways for the dominating forces in society to conceal the issues in play.

And since most people are buying that, they will repeat the lies and deceit, as most people always do, and aid in the widespread deception.

You’ll have to look long and hard for relevant information on blog action day, this year supposed to be about Global Warming and the human created climate change.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Labeling and genre-writing

I despise both, really. Both are detrimental to the story, in my not so humble opinion.

Categories, whether or not it’s the stores or the publishers using it, are wrong, and even unnecessary. It’s just that some people, a certain kind of people, critics, readers and publishers alike love labeling and will go to any length pursuing that craving. In a society where the average, where conformity is «celebrated» and originality is frowned upon, at best this is a given, rather than the exception.

People ask me if I would prefer going to a bookstore where everything is labeled from A to Z, and nothing more. Yes, I would actually, but that’s just the half of it. What I would love is to enter a bookstore celebrating diversity and daring and the controversial. That should be the norm, not the bland, massive sameness we experience today. A friend suggested to me that a bookstore these days is no different from a grocery store. I think that is the case. It is the same, bland food.

Being on Twitter lately, and as expected been confronted with how ingrained the current system of labeling and writing in general is among writers, publishers and prospective writers and artists (in general) I despair once again over how set in their mold most people are, and creative people are unfortunately not no better than the average population.

How presumptive creative people so eagerly and easily can accept being labeled is just yet another horrible mystery of the modern world.

True artistic freedom

Wreck on the highway

It started in the late eighties, in Denmark of all places. Since then it has become very popular all over the world. It goes like this:

Truck drivers are shaken by a series of spectacular suicides. Drivers wait until the last second and then make a sharp turn to collide front to front with the truck. It’s usually done on a highway, in high speed. The car and its driver, of course are like mashed potatoes after such a brutal, deliberate collision. There is hardly anything left to bury.

Therapists treating the surviving truck drivers were initially baffled by all this. Since then, after the phenomenon began spreading a hint of fear has been added. They started investigating it further, and found that over half of the front to front collisions in Scandinavia and Northern Europe from 1989 to 1999 had been premeditated.

There has never been much about this in the established media. It has been going on for twenty years, now, without anything even resembling front page coverage.

Fences have been put up between lanes, even where the lanes are divided, to no avail. People wanting to commit suicide will do so, no matter the security measures. Obviously.

Committing suicide is illegal, as I understand it. At least you may be locked up without a trial if you survive. But the thing is with many suicidal people: they are very committed to their cause. Various governments have done a lot to keep people from jumping from The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and other bridges, without much success. If people want to die and are very determined there isn’t any easy way to stop them.

Obviously not.

Must be very frustrating.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Six months

I have now been on Twitter for six months.

One reason I joined was that I wanted to return to my Midnight Fire blog that had been more or less in hiatus for two years. That worked great.

The main reason is the usual reason why I do anything, to reach out to the world, to find likeminded people and more of the spice of Life, and I have.

During these six months I’ve found many new contacts and even a few more friends, more wanderers in Shadow. Thus it is worth it.

I have two basic rules for following. I follow no one not following me and they have to be interesting one way or another. Since I follow both rules I have to break them both occasionally. It doesn’t bother me. Rules are made to be broken. Or rather: rules are, as always a bad excuse for living. I currently follow 326 people and are followed by 450. My numbers increase at a slow pace, and I’m quite okay with that. I prefer quality before quantity.

Advertising is blocked, period! I hate advertising, including veiled, indirect advertising.

Interaction is very important to me. If people don’t reply to my tweets I will always consider removing them, whether or not they follow me or are interesting.

Yes, it is worth it, but I also meet the same frustrations here as I do elsewhere on Internet and in society in general. No matter the subject, whether or not it is environmentalism, art/writing or people’s view of existence as a whole I find that most of those I encounter are way too entrenched in traditionalism and established society. And worse, by default: they can’t even imagine that there are people that aren’t, and that the world is so horribly screwed up that there is a desperate need for everybody to wake up and smell the stinking coffee. They even grow angry and attack the messenger when their obvious sheep-like attitude is pointed out to them. Like Goethe said: «Nobody is more hopelessly enslaved then those falsely believing themselves to be free».

So Twitter is like Internet in general: a mirror image of the society we live in.

I keep seeking uncompromising rebels, artists, witches and other Human Beings eager to transcend and transform society and embrace the world.