Friday, September 25, 2009

The true hoax exposed

A few scientists and individuals paid by the industry have for years claimed that the human created Global Warming isn’t happening. Those scientists and individuals have long since been exposed. Neither variations in the sun’s output (less the last twenty years) nor cosmic radiation nor urban heat islands are contributing much to Global Warming. On the contrary, it is now clear, and has been for a while that there are those being paid and supported by the industry that have deliberately faked results in their own «research». Industry sells doubt, in all areas to be able to continue their insane venture.

This is merely one of many exposures and unambiguous results the last decade. I am, generally speaking critically inclined towards science, but when findings and theories to such an uncanny degree fit reality there can be very little doubt left. We have all observed, with our own eyes and senses what’s happening and what becomes increasingly clear: warmer and more violent weather patterns, more rain, more drought, longer growth seasons, longer summers, shorter or non-existing winters and so on.

I’ve stated all this for twenty years and it’s nice to be proven right, of course. It’s no longer controversial to say that the world is growing warmer, and that the warming is caused by human activity. But this should only be the beginning of people’s insight. Unfortunately that isn’t so. People still cling to the old illusions of civilization’s perfection. The few measures implemented so far, and even those planned, like recycling, higher fuel-prices, various cleaning technologies, more environmental-friendly fuels, more effective light bulbs and similar just won’t matter in the grand scheme things. Everything will be hopelessly insufficient. It won’t save life on Earth, or even delay or reducing the increase, the speed of the ongoing destruction. Yet, people are talking about this with something approaching religious awe, while bluntly rejecting critical voices speaking about what is or should be self-evident: that the entire human society must change completely, that it must be turned upside/down, inside out, and that civilization itself is destroying all life, including ours.

The struggle to prevent dramatic Global Warming has become a fad, and thereby two important things are happening: One is that it is distracting from and hiding, concealing the other equally dangerous general chemical and radioactive pollution from factories, a selection of modern consumer products and from nuclear power plants. The second is that the last time environmental issues were popular, in 1989/90 it turned out to be quite a short-lived phenomenon. The measures implemented then were cosmetic, useless. Today we see the same happening. The Kyoto accord and additions, like the upcoming Copenhagen meeting in December and absolutely any countermeasure to Global Warming officials are talking about in public aren’t merely totally useless, but also the usual, deliberate distraction the establishment put in motion in order to keep anything substantial from being done.

Those in power, the elite at the top of the pyramid, their stooges in public government, the industry and the establishment in general don’t want true changes. They are quite pleased with the world like it is, and don’t want to change shit. Thus the current human society continues on its destructive path like a growing snowball rolling ever faster towards the inevitable end of its run, at the abrupt halt at the bottom of the slope.

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Unknown said...

Might melt before it hits the fan ;-) Well said!