Monday, September 21, 2009

The ravings of an insane idiot

Many pagans (like me) don't believe either in god or satan or any gods, or believe they exist at all. They believe in humanity and our place in nature, as an integral part of the Universe, not apart from it. We are of the Earth, its blood, its dirt and sweat. That is a fact. Not some lofty other-dimensional realm.

Good and evil, heaven and hell, the whole duality insanity thing is basically an invention of zarathustra, a persian prophet living thousands of years ago. His teaching spread to judaism and from there to christianity and islam, and also to some eastern religions.

So almost all the larger present day world religions and society as a whole are a result of an insane idiot wandering and raving in the Persian sands...

That irony is truly something, isn't it...

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