Sunday, August 09, 2009


I have, since I started blogging, and long before that, really been told that I’m provoking people. That’s a correct assumption, I guess, but only because I point out things most people close their eyes to, and don’t want to think about or even be reminded of. I certainly mean what I say. The way I see it people should have been provoked by those bad things I and others tell about, not over the fact that we point at them.

But to close one’s eyes to obvious truths have become quite the sport today.

Radical and aware people rarely set out to provoke deliberately. The fact that some people are provoked is a completely different matter, but says much more about he or she being provoked than those writing about and highlighting controversial subjects.

People’s reason for being provoked is often that they haven’t even considered the matter being discussed, but that they, on the contrary see the subject, the current state of affairs being challenged as an eternal, acceptable and often sacred truth. Nationalism in all its shapes and forms is one example of many here. When a given nation is criticized most people, even people with a fairly critical mindset are often taking it very, very personal, feeling that the criticism is directed at them. The propaganda has been this effective in hindering true and infinite critical thinking.

I have felt, for a very long time that the very society we are currently residing in, and countless smaller and bigger factors within it is the greatest provocation, and that is what people should have been provoked by, not those pointing out the bad news.

Those pointing out bad news have for quite some time been treated badly. They used to be killed on sight. Conquerors, for instance took care of their messengers that way. One has become slightly more sophisticated today, with mechanisms in place to cast bringers of bad news in a bad light. They are ignored, ridiculed and incarcerated and headed for obscurity, placed as far away from the public light as they can possibly be.

Any society, even those that may exist like the proverbial needle in the haystack need to be confronted and confronted with unpleasant truths. That a given society, supported by the vast majority of its population does its very best to keep such facts under wraps is one of the most significant unhealthy signs there are.

«With truth one may go anywhere, even to prison» - Polish proverb


Sulci Collective said...

I simply cannot understand why more artists, more people of creative bent who see through the surface of the realities they are presented with, do not address issues and provoke in their art. Instead they are content to play by the market to maximise sales, which means turning out turgid, threatless art, or they do it in the most cynical fashion like so much of today's visual art simply in order to create an artificial sense of outrage.

It ought to be the artist's job to rouse & stir, when other medias fail to do so.

Artists, get opening people's eyes to what is really around them. Shake them from their complacency - but I guess artists first have to shake themselves from their own.

marc nash

Amos Keppler said...

That is also why most artists really aren't true artists at all. They don't seek, don't find and don't display what they most of all should display.