Monday, August 24, 2009

I believe it

I believe israeli soldiers have taken organs from dead Palestinians, like the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported. That, bad as it is pales totally compared to the countless other horrible crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide the israeli authorities and army have perpetrated and condoned the last sixty years.

They’ve wanted the Swedish government to apologize for the article, but since the Swedish prime minister is a man and not a mouse (surprising as that is) he has refused to do that. This astonishing fact has raised the ire of the israeli further. No dictatorship likes to be exposed for what it is, of course.

Israel has clearly wanted to bomb both Sweden and Norway in recent years because of their criticism of israeli atrocities, in spite of the criticism being rather bland. Various representatives for the criminal israeli government and establishment have been very cross with people telling it like it is, calling the israeli genocide against the Palestinian people for the genocide it is. The only reason why countries in Western Europe haven’t been bombed is probably because they are so far away. That fact must be very frustrating for israeli officials. They are used to bomb anyone opposing them or even disagreeing with them.

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