Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More sickening support for militarism

I don’t use the word «obscene» often because I feel it’s often misused, mostly in connection with one unusual sexual situation or another, but the reception the eight soldiers killed in Afghanistan received when they returned to Great Britain in coffins is as obscene as they get.

Militarism alone and in general, and its support in the general population is one of the many bad aspects of nationalism, is bad enough in itself, but soldiers fighting in Afghanistan? C’mon?

Britain is a part of the aggressive attack alliance NATO, one that has fought three wars and invaded two countries without provocation and cause the last ten years, and caused massive suffering.

Many reasons have been put forward to justify this, all hogwash. «We» invaded these countries to defend «ourselves». We did it to help the population in the countries we invaded. We bombed them back to the Stone Age to help them. As usual all logic collapses totally faced with militaristic propaganda.

They say we should support our soldiers because they are fighting for us. The leaders, the warmongers in all countries say that. Such a convenient «argument»!

Why should we support them? Why should we support these eager tools of militarism and tyranny?

It’s natural that the relatives of the soldiers are grieving, I guess, even though there is no reason for this pride they are talking about on British television tonight.

But this very public spectacle we see unfold is indeed sickening, is certainly obscene, and so very common.

As usual the modern world is turned downside up and outside in, twisted beyond anything resembling human and humane.

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