Friday, July 03, 2009

Israel’s inhumanity in Palestine exposed yet again

Palestine 1946

The recent report from Amnesty International about the «war» in Gaza at the start of the year supports earlier reports of war crimes and genocide. It leaves no doubt about israel’s beyond brutal acts against the Palestinian people.

More than 3000 homes were completely destroyed, and more than 11 000 damaged.

215 factories and private businesses were partly or totally destroyed.

15 hospitals and 43 health stations were damaged or destroyed.

28 public buildings and 60 police stations were damaged or destroyed.

30 mosques were destroyed and 10 damaged.

10 schools were destroyed and 168 damaged. 3 universities were destroyed while 14 were damaged.

53 UN-buildings were damaged.

The numbers speak for themselves, both in intent and fact. People have claimed that israel wasn’t only waging war against Hamas, but wanted to destroy, to kill off an entire generation of Palestinian mothers. 1400 Palestinians died as a result of attacks. At least 850 were civilians. 300 were children, some of them not more than three months old. Most of the killed children were girls. This seems like a more than correct statement of fact.

The report states categorically that these weren’t accidental by-products of warfare, but deliberate escalation of an ongoing campaign.

Israel and its crimes are exposed yet again. A few individuals speak about a total international boycott of israel, but western state leaders are still yellow beyond words in their approach to this criminal nation.

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