Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The destroyers (IIb)

During the next few days I’m going to present The Monsanto Files on this blog. They are a series of articles first printed in The Ecologist in September and October 1998, touching upon many crucial aspects of modern society and the direction it is going. It doesn’t really matter that they are eleven years’ old. They are more relevant than ever. During those eleven years the situation, as is often the case in these horrible times gone from bad to worse, in particular concerning genetic modification (GM). Monsanto’s dream of world hegemony is close, very close, and we’ve seen their lies exposed further. Remember all those assurances that their field crops wouldn’t spread? It has proven just as much deceit as everything else they’ve told us. The resistance to GM-food, also called Frankenfood is faltering. One reason is that GM-food has spread almost everywhere and people have to eat. It still isn’t too late to stop it, it never is, but the only way to do that is to eradicate Monsanto and companies like them, destroyers like them from the face of the Earth.

Reading through it again, I once more feel almost incredulous. I knew it is bad, but this story almost feel like a dark, beyond dark «fairytale». The truth it exposes is so completely irrational and insane that it is hard to believe. Even for a consummate critic of society like myself it’s hard to believe that the government and elected officials in general is to such a degree in the pockets of big industry.

The Monsanto Files has been on the Internet for eleven years and been read by many, but not many enough, and too many have chosen to ignore them. They say a lot about Monsanto, about the politicians allowing them to operate, about greed in general, about FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration, and about modern society in general, how power and wealth can completely undermine public safety and health, how that can become a minor, insignificant concern in the insanity the world has become. People need to read The Monsanto Files, read it thoroughly, study the subject and realize what it means, both to them and to humanity as a whole and all life on this planet. Every single webpage in existence should post this beyond crucial information.

«Soylent Green is people».

Other crucial information:

Chemical cocktail

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