Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The destroyers (IIa)

Presented here, for the enjoyment for all truth-seeking readers is presented groups of destroyers, of industrial, poison-spreading corporations.

Tonight is presented the first part about Monsanto, a name giving me elephant goose bumps and trickles down the spine. I had planned on taking on Exxon Mobile before them, but a number of beyond stupid statements I’ve heard lately that their product Aspartame is safe has made them an even stronger priority.

This will be an incomplete presentation, as it almost has to be, since the list of Monsanto’s «sins» is one of the most extensive I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot). The popular Monsanto Files have become a classic on the Internet and one of the most illustrative when it comes to explaining the industrial destructive power on nature and life on Earth in general. The story about Monsanto is the story about the twentieth century’s industrial «venture», a huge, sick bite of it.

Monsanto - Aspartame

Aspartame, an artificial sweetener was headed for rejection in FDA (Food and Drug Administration) when President Ronald Reagan stepped in and appointed Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes jr. as new commissioner there. Hayes wasted no time and quickly overran his own employees and advisers, and in spite of alarming test results approved Aspartame for commercial use. Aspartame is presently in widespread use, among countless products in all cola light drinks. Hayes was forced to resign in November 1983 because of massive accusations of corruption. His reward was a very profitable job as consultant for Searle, the company that joined with Monsanto. Go here to read a thorough description of what happened when Aspartame was approved.

The approval did raise a lot of flags and Searle/Monsanto had to convince the elected officials. They did that by falsifying research papers and test results. The false results were accepted as truth, and the storm laid to rest. A researcher and committee member told people many years later: «I will never again believe a word of what these people are saying».

As many as 92 major and minor harmful effects have been reported after ingesting Aspartame-products. They are cancer, headaches, blindness, hearing problems, epileptic seizures, shaking, breathing trouble, allergies and Multiple Sclerosis, to mention a few. You find the list here.

Any test result or person or group of persons claiming that Aspartame isn’t dangerous is sponsored by Monsanto. This includes, sadly and astonishingly and shockingly the American Multiple Sclerosis society. They get giant contributions from Monsanto to support them.

Monsanto lies, threatens and bribes people and groups to keep their dangerous products on the market.

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