Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spirit of Humanity

We've just heard from everyone on board the Spirit of Humanity. They are
almost halfway to Gaza, a little over 100 kilometers off the coast of
the Lebanon/Israel border. They're a bit tired, but everyone is in good
spirits and determined to reach Gaza. So far they have not seen any
Israeli warships or had any radio contact with the IDF. You can see
their latest position by clicking on the link below.

From aboard the Spirit, Free Gaza organizer Lubna Masarwa stated that,

«We're intent and unworried - we're sailing on. We will go to Gaza, in
solidarity with the people. We want to break the Israeli siege in a
practical way, and not just with words. Our message to Gaza - from all
the Palestinians in '48 and in the West Bank, and from all the good
people in the world is - You are not alone!»

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