Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something happened - not exactly yet another Wednesday

Something happened tonight, like it did another Wednesday not that long ago. Nothing particular happened, really, nothing except a few low-keyed conversations, a few cryptic text-messages, and some Magick ceremonies in the attic.

What does it take, really, to reach a state of excited inspiration and a sense of destiny approaching, a Magick feeling of fire and shadow burning within you?

It doesn’t necessarily take much. Usually it’s something big, like a Journey, actual and physical to new and foreign beaches and forests and mountains and seas, but occasionally it’s something quiet and subtle and virtually unnoticeable. The day and even the night start off completely ordinary, but at some point or more something happens. You cross a boundary, take one crucial step in your mind, and you’re there.

The world is so big, and your own fire so powerful. This isn’t wishful thinking, but a fact, but you need to remind yourself of that occasionally.

But sometimes you don’t need to. You know you’ve crossed a threshold on your path, one long time in coming and longed for. It’s not one thing, but many, working together, creating a cohesive whole, teaching you something, making you realize something you didn’t know or realize before… pushing you beyond a point you’ve strived to reach for some time. It’s fickle, but it’s There, aiding you further on your Path.

It may fade again, at least for a while, but return ever stronger, ever more powerful. I sit in the attic, at the center of my pentacle of mist and shadow, reading the Book of Fate. Everything I am, storyteller, witch, pagan, musician, Human Being, rebel, shaman, warrior poet, wild man, nomad and a thousand other things is joined, becoming one, and I know, yet again, better than I did the path ahead.

I see, briefly, overwhelmingly The Invisible Labyrinth, the Winding Ways of a witch, of a human being.

Moments of joy are moments few and rare, but right now it doesn’t really feel that way. I go Deep, dive deep into the true life of the Human Being. The time of change is once again upon me.

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