Friday, June 19, 2009

Civilization destroys more land and people

What strikes me the most when I hear about the most recent war the Peruvian government and international capitalism are waging against tribes and tribal land of the Amazon jungle is simply how very common and unsurprising this is.

That makes it worse, in case you’re wondering. If this was happening only one place on Earth it would still be bad, very bad, but it wouldn’t be the worldwide disaster we see and have seen for so very long now.

It’s a pattern repeating itself across the world and throughout history. The Destroyers, the destructive powers currently have the upper hand and has had it for quite a while, and they’re using it at every possible opportunity.

Indigenous groups, mostly in the Amazon parts of Peru have lately protested strongly against a series of legislative degrees, known as The Law of the Jungle, basically giving the president, Alan Garcia a free hand in implementing laws to conform to the Free Trade Agreement with the United States. The protests against even more destruction of tribal lands in the Amazon have been met with brutal reactions from Peruvian military and paramilitary powers. Countless protesters have been outright murdered. Others have been killed in fighting against the military.

Garcia stated, during the worst unrest in Peru for years that he wasn’t «about to let anything stand in the way of our development, especially not a bunch of confused savages». I guess that, in addition to his actions tells us everything we need to know about him.

The Peruvian parliament has recently suspended some of the laws, but the basic situation has certainly not changed. Several of the tribal leaders have been forced to flee the country.

In California, United States a court has ordered the eviction of the California Valley Miwok Tribe, removing federal rights they have according to the old treaties with the government. Those treaties are obviously as valid as ever, and the government just as trustworthy. This is just one of several underreported indigenous struggles in both North and South America in recent decades, continuing the genocide of the previous centuries.

«An aggressive drive is taking place to extract the last remaining resources from indigenous territories,» says Victoria Tauli-Corpus, an indigenous Filipino and chair of the UN permanent forum on indigenous issues. «There is a crisis of human rights. There are more and more arrests, killings and abuses. This is happening in Russia, Canada, the Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia, Nigeria, the Amazon, all over Latin America, Papua New Guinea and Africa. It is global. We are seeing a human rights emergency. A battle is taking place for natural resources everywhere. Much of the world's natural capital – oil, gas, timber, minerals – lies on or beneath lands occupied by indigenous people.»

As is usually the case, governments and the forces of capitalism are cooperating to ruin, to destroy The Earth and all life on it. The pace is picking up, and The Destroyers are practically unopposed and unreported wherever they strike, all over the planet. This isn't just about the injustice done to indigenous people, but us all.

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