Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Book

Shadowwalk by Amos Keppler

The world is changing. They know this, in their core of cores, where everything moves and shifts. Night and fire have followed them all the days of their lives.

What they carry inside has always scared them, always intrigued them...
They have always felt different, apart from the crowd. And here, now they get the confirmation they have always wanted, always yearned for, that they are truly different, a breed apart. The metamorphosis begins. Their minds, their bodies are changing in shocking and unpredictable ways, as what's on the inside are brought to the outside. And as they themselves are changing they are also changing the world.

Danger awaits them, Life awaits them, in the small, backward New England town. Magick and Mystery may be found beneath unturned stones.

People, young and old, are descending on the small, insignificant town of Northfield, New England.

Boys and girls, students at the school of Life, Seekers, yearning for what's different, what's hidden.

They're seeking within and without, high and low.

And here, in this dusty, remote place they're finding it, turning the stone, finding the strength within themselves to be themselves, to break out of confines, to the world beyond. And in time, after the initial, tentative steps pushing down paths new and undreamed of.

And the present day order sees them for what they are... Agents of Change, a threat to any establishment, any imposed reality. The heatwave, the worst in living memory, is nothing compared to the boiling within the human heart. The Indian Summer heralds the twilight of mankind.


Luna said...

The world is changeing..those open to the energy of the universe can feel it...your words..this book.. intense, drawing me in..I want to read more...

Amos Keppler said...

Very good. Thank you. I do believe you will find the entire book instense beyond words. :)

It isn't available in stores anymore, but I still have a few books left. You can buy it directly from me.

The Sentinel said...

"It isn't available in stores anymore"

Well what a suprise!!!

Still, it least it will serve some useful purpose now as toilet paper!!!

"but I still have a few books left"

Didn't they pulp them all?

Now thats intense!!

Amos Keppler said...

Coming from a racist such as yourself that's high praise.

And you shouldn't speak badly about toilet-paper. Jack Kerouac wrote a novel on it.

The Sentinel said...

And get a hair cut

The Sentinel said...

and have a bath

The Sentinel said...

Still churning out baseless labels and smears? How fascist.

Posting filthy insults too? Well, you are freak!!

Still practising censorship and selective deletion? How strange.

That is why your book - and life - is such an embarrassing failure, no accord with people.

Amos Keppler said...

You racist pig, using every opportunity to spread your hate. The first look at your page says it all. The second, third, fourth and fifth look says even more.

Your every insult is high praise to me, to every Human Being.

The Sentinel said...

What exactly is racist? FACTS that you do not like? Eh, freakboy?

And seeing as the biggest nationalist party in the UK now has 2 MEP's with nearly a million votes this time around, it would seem a hell of a lot of Britons are now waking up to that fact!!

I am not insulting you at all - I am just staing the obvious! You live in a fanatsy world, and no one wants to know about it!! That is why your book is now bog roll and you are a failure!!

Face it.

Amos Keppler said...

I should take your word for it, huh? Please!

Both your words and inclinations are meaningless and inhuman to me, and countless others. The fact that 2 million britons and also a fairly high number of people in other countries share your views doesn't change that. It makes it worse.

Racist is easy to define. It's when a person or persons attack others because of race and culture.

You guys are really the lowest of the low.

Amos Keppler said...

You make me sick. What you call facts are blatant propaganda invented by you and your jugend in order to create division.

A lot of sickening racism deleted.

Amos Keppler said...

There is one thing I won't tolerate on my pages and that is racism.

Amos Keppler said...

I can now happily say that the novel is once again available in stores. :)