Thursday, June 04, 2009

Being challenged

One of many problems with present day people is that not many of them are used to having their perceptions challenged. They’ve gotten away with that for far too long. One sees it in all debate, both public and private, especially concerning controversial subjects, but also generally speaking. Most people have a rigid view on existence. Everything and everybody challenging their inflexible view is initially condemned and rejected. There is none or very little reflection in people’s consciousness. The rejection and condemnation is instinctive, automatic and immediate.

There is no need for examples here. Everything outside people’s perception of reality fit the description above.

The way to combat this initially is to disregard people’s fear, to not care about it at all, but on the contrary keep challenging them on as many subjects as possible, cut their narcissism as deep as possible. But the best method is, of course to create a society that will not merely accept people who are different, accept variety and unlimited creativity, but encourage it, encourage all those things. Children must, from an early age be shown all the various sides of life, and not be kept away from it, like they are today. Today they are treated like china. When you see children in protective gear that isn’t just a sign that they are physically overprotected, but also mentally. Today one is supposed to «talk» to the children when something bad happens, as if they aren’t fully capable of fathoming life’s less fortunate sides on their own. I’ve got news for you: both children and most people are actually far tougher than many seem to think.

The power base civilization has been created by and for certainly has a purpose to their insanity in keeping important parts of reality from the general population, keeping them in ignorance. They are more easily led that way, and that’s the power base purpose and desire. They want control at any cost.

Thus is humanity tamed and broken, piece by piece.

So, think twice next time an impulse tells you to condemn what’s different, next time you’re experiencing something not fitting into your narrow view on reality. Perhaps your decision made on the merit of your first hunch is wrong? Perhaps it isn’t even yours, but has been made because of layer upon layer of subtle commands recorded on your soft drive since the cradle, commands you have never even attempted to resist? Most people today hardly work better than a tape recorder, and never do much to find their own voice, their own, independent opinions. They are merely passively and meekly repeating the thoughts and actions of others, and have few or none of their own.

Other words for such creatures are puppets or robots. That is, in truth what most people have become in the modern world. Push a button, pull a cord, and you can make them do anything. If you push the aforementioned buttons and activate the pre-recorded responses, your success is pretty much a sure thing.

So, next time you’re shocked or «morally challenged» or feel a need to attack a complete stranger or one not fitting your perception of «correct behavior», think again, and again and again, and again, and perhaps, perhaps you will realize that you are not living the life you truly want to live, that it is you that aren’t «right», not the poor soul you’re condemning and throwing rocks at. And after that empowering process has been ON for a while you may also notice other changes; that you are changing, for the better. Perhaps you will even like that person, that free human being you will eventually become.

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