Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Modern Slavery

«Approximately a million people are each year sold to forced labor, prostitution or quite simply slavery. It’s a common myth that slavery is abandoned in our time.

It’s shameful that we in 1993 are faced with a world encompassing slave-trade, from Brazil to Bangla Desh, in China, Thailand, Pakistan and Europe, in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, New York, Boston…»

Excerpt from speech held by
Joseph P. Kennedy II
In the American Congress, Thursday, July 15th 1993

Spirit of Humanity

We've just heard from everyone on board the Spirit of Humanity. They are
almost halfway to Gaza, a little over 100 kilometers off the coast of
the Lebanon/Israel border. They're a bit tired, but everyone is in good
spirits and determined to reach Gaza. So far they have not seen any
Israeli warships or had any radio contact with the IDF. You can see
their latest position by clicking on the link below.

From aboard the Spirit, Free Gaza organizer Lubna Masarwa stated that,

«We're intent and unworried - we're sailing on. We will go to Gaza, in
solidarity with the people. We want to break the Israeli siege in a
practical way, and not just with words. Our message to Gaza - from all
the Palestinians in '48 and in the West Bank, and from all the good
people in the world is - You are not alone!»

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The sad song of Michael Jackson

This was supposed to be about the hype, the totally insane worship and overdone press coverage surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, about how an overrated artist is seen as a cult icon, virtually a god by millions of people. Yes, to see people cry on television is sickening. To know that the sales of his records are actually going through the roof again is to witness insanity incarnated. Yes, everything about the public interest once again rising to insane heights after his death makes one want to puke.

But what most of all is emerging in my thoughts is this:

During the years of Michael Jackson’s life we have witnessed yet another human being destroyed, ruined by modern society.

It started early, as the rumors go, and knowing everything we know today I do believe there is some truth to those rumors. The foundation of his destruction can be found in his childhood, but what completed it was the pedestal he was put on as an adult. This was a person that had everything, according to the measures of fame and fortune we use in today’s society, but like with so many others of the poor filthy rich we hear so much about through the glamour grape-wine his life didn’t measure up to the hype.

The story about Michael Jackson wasn’t really about a life, but about a very public, well-orchestrated suicide. One look at him after he began his insane, extensive plastic operations (I hesitate to call it surgery) should tell anyone that he didn’t really take very good care of himself. But he was also clearly pushed to the brink by a society where appearance means everything and keeping up appearances is more important than exposing the hypocrisy so prevalent today.

So, does Michael Jackson deserve our pity? I guess he does. I can’t help feeling sorry for him. Does he deserve our blind admiration or even appreciation? Definitely not. There is nothing about him worth admiring, nothing at all. The hysteria we see after his death is yet another sign of a sick, very sick society, and is an integrated part of what made his life the unbearable tragedy it was.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Midsummer Night - the way it should be celebrated

When I turned twenty I swore I would change my life. I realized I mostly lived for others, to satisfy their expectations of me, and like a tape recorder repeated others' words and actions.

It took time, took years, as I knew it would do. I changed myself brick by brick, piece by piece. It was an almost imperceptible process at first, but I, like a twenty year old boy would hardly have recognized myself only a few years later. The process from a fairly suppressed person to a free human being had started, in countless visible and less visible ways.

Then, June 21. Midsummer Night 1988 my life changed drastically and inevitably.

I had been in London, the City of Cities a few days. That was, as always a beyond great experience, a cascade of experiences and impressions. My previous stays in the city had been shorter, but this time I had more money and had planned to stay there a while. I had more time to explore and seek, do things I hadn’t had the time and opportunity to do earlier.

My first trip to London, the summer of 1983, my very first trip outside Scandinavia contributed considerably to my development, my growth. I realized that life was, in truth completely different from what I had been told.

But that was nothing compared to what happened this night.

One may wonder, really wonder sometimes, about coincidences and fate. What makes one go left or right or straight ahead at a given crossroad? What makes a person, one day or one night go to a place he or she has considered going several times before? What makes one act on an increasingly stronger desire to seek and find the unknown and hidden that very night, when one hasn’t all those nights before? Aleister Crowley, one of the most infamous sorcerers during the twentieth century writes in his autobiography Magick in Theory and Practice that one may visit a place one night, pass a door on a desolate road or street, and if you don’t walk in that door that night and regret your decision the next day and return it will no longer be there, and that is a great illustration of my experience. A unique opportunity revealed itself, one that might not ever do so again, and it had enormous consequences for my further life. Perhaps I would have found one similar at a later moment or perhaps not, but I would have certainly missed everything following this one.

I had heard rumors about an upcoming witchnight somewhere in the city. The very thought brought forth everything from excitement to fear to ridicule in me. I had read about witches, of course, and that included modern witches, but had never met any. The term paganism was, for instance, completely unknown to me. But a word like curiosity will always be hopelessly inadequate to describe what I feel on such occasions. It was that drive, that fire I would learn to recognize so easily in all the fantastic years to come. My passionate curiosity (also hopelessly inadequate to describe the indescribable) was roused, and I began visiting, several days early the places where such subjects, such radical concepts and actions would come up. But even on those places it was difficult to find out anything, find facts, instead of ghosts and shadows. But I followed the ghosts and shadows still, and on the third or fourth day I spoke with and drank frothing Guiness with two sinister dressed people.

- It’s in Hyde Park on the 21. the lady said.

- But it’s said that it will be only one hundred yards from the police station, the man added.

That was just two days.

My impression was that they wouldn’t show up and at that time I didn’t feel much for doing so myself either. It felt too freaky and wild. Two days later, when I during twilight walked into Hyde Park, just before the gates were closed for the night uncertainty and anxiety still haunted me, and I had rather low expectations. I recall that I decided going, just to do it. This was London, a place that always given me positive vibrations, a place where all my longing, all my inner strength was magnified a thousand times.

Hyde Park is huge. If one stands at its center, there is quite a distance to the city outside, on all sides. There are fields, waters and trees that can look like a small forest.

The place wasn’t difficult to find. People gathered at the shore of The Serpentine. They stood there like small groups and like individuals. I recognized easily the uncertainty and the worry and the inherent devil-may-care attitude in everybody’s eyes. We glanced at each other, at ourselves with flickering gazes. I still remember it vividly, how it felt, not just then, but in the years before and during adolescence in general. Earlier that day I had seen a beggar sorting through a garbage can, and a young boy screaming in despair and utter desperation, and another boy kicking the beggar, kicking him hard, both the boys and the beggar and humanity as a whole reduced to a pale, broken figure walking into the twilight, deprived of everything, everything making life worth living. Water, deep and dark is misplaced all over the world. All of us, all of the deep water and darkness’ human beings sought this place, in search of what we missed so strongly.

What followed is impossible to describe with words, no matter how hard I try. It never gets quite right.

The night… fell. Those of us that were looking could still glimpse a line of gray light in the horizon. The night fell, and we felt the voice of the night call to us. I heard a drum from somewhere, but there was no way I could see anyone playing it. Others spoke about the sound as well, and expressed their anxiety. They worried that society uniformed thugs should hear it and come for us. A man and a woman entered the gathering, leading a larger group. I still remember how they seemed to me, to us all, so confident and relaxed and intense. The woman welcomed us to the gathering, praising us for our courage, for our ability to seek, to find this place, beyond all odds. This is Midsummer Night, she told us, the original and the best, the way they celebrated it in ancient times. We glanced around us and suddenly it seemed like the trees surrounding us… had grown in number, as we were actually by a pond inside a forest. The world we had known, such a short while ago suddenly seemed far away. The woman stood there with a torch in her hand, and its light flickered and bathed us all, and everything beyond the flickering light seemed like a dark wall, and we imagined there was nothing there, nothing what so ever, and that this was the entire world. Welcome, she greeted us. Welcome to the bewitched forest, to the Sherwood Forest, something that isn’t a place, but a state of mind, a free port to everybody seeking true and unblemished freedom. Feel the fire inside, touch it and pull it out in the open. Touch yourself, independently of the world. Feel yourself in the world. It is within you. It is you, nothing anything separate or strange. Humanity is a part of nature, the generous and ruthless nature, a part both small and infinitely large, not more, not less than any other creature. Feel the greatness. Touch it, accept it. Accept yourself, beyond all the uncertainty and fear hammered into you from an early age.

We didn’t take anything, weren’t given anything, didn’t ingest anything that could make us see things that weren’t there, and that still feels unbelievable to me, that, too. We were ourselves, and that was enough. We saw ourselves and the world, like we and the world truly is.

The latest arrivals began dancing, and we did, too. We were swaying and bathing in the sound of the drums. I know that the sound of drums can be stimulating, can lead a person into a trancelike state, but this was something more than that, far beyond that.

Seek each other, the man called, chanted. Seek the world. Feel the Earth open itself beneath you. Feel its unlimited embrace, its burning heat.

Then he said a word, Hollow. Allow yourself to fall. Come with us to The Other World, embrace the world and everything in it.

And we found ourselves in the forest by the water, and the water was burning, and we were bathing in it and the swimming began. Someone was playing the flute, someone no one could see in the flickering light, the dancing shadow. I saw a girl reach out a hand to a boy, and pull him down on the ground. A man embraced a woman from behind, and she sighed in pleasure, in wild, relaxed expectation. Fabric faded like dew before the morning sun (there was no sun), like the inhibition to everybody present embracing each other, caressing each other wildly, in the shadowy shadow, in the burning water.

Behold thy Shadow, called the shaman, called the witch. Face your soul, accept it and draw strength from it.

We beheld it, the dancing shadow before us, surrounding us all, and I saw my own face in that Shadow, looked into myself and knew beyond certainty that I was watching my own mirror image and met my own eyes, and it was so much more there, infinitely more than I had believed there was.

Some people screamed and ran off, fled from themselves in blind panic, but that felt so unimportant, so very, very wrong, and shook off their ignorance, and knew it could have been us, only a few hours, minutes earlier.

I accept you, I said, we said, in unison, all remaining, by the Fire Lake. You are a part of me. I am a part of you. We are one.

Somebody pulls down my pants and I experience the unlimited freedom ravage me. The push against the pants, causing me pain for minutes, vanished, and everything felt so good, so very good. I glance around me, and we’re all nude. I kiss someone, and am being kissed by someone. We swim in a sea of embraces, from one person to the next, and it feel so good, so indescribably good, in the sea of life we have become. I empty myself once, countless times and have long since lost all sense of numbers, of time and place.

We are indoors, in a smoke-filled cabin «somewhere», and we are once again human beings, once again the creatures we are born to be, without shame or hesitance. I look across the water, towards the forest, and there is nothing there anymore, except the forest. The distant, tall buildings have vanished completely, into the nightmarish state they belong. I see ravens, see them rise from the treetops, see The Raven, hear its screams. And then…

And then, as we all lay there gasping and moaning and living, swimming in the fire lake, swimming in eternal embraces… we look up. And in the distant moonlight, in the glow of the many fires we see a woman levitate in the golden and silver moonlight. We see her, through mist, through fire. A woman with claws and long fangs smiling to us, bathing in the shadows and the fire surrounding her. The sight of her burns us. Even long after she is gone, she is still there, without being seen, without being heard, among us, in every single sound we release, every single expression of pain and pleasure rising from us all.

It feels so good lying there afterwards, and just enjoying the close proximity of the others, on every side, so peaceful, so filled with life and fire.

So often, both before and after the dawn has come as an anticlimax, but not this time. This time the fire and the shadows and the night were with us, tangible and undeniable into the pale day. We find our clothes, at least some of our clothes or other clothes, find enough to cover ourselves somewhat, and we leave for house not far away. We have to walk through a few streets, cross some roads, but we meet only a few people, and even though we scare them they don’t scare us. The small apartment is filled quickly. We just lie down on the floor, or wherever there is room and fall asleep, sleep long into the day, until the night and fire once again are just one arm length off. We need only to reach out a hand and everything is there.

Twenty years ago, and it feels like yesterday.

We discovered that we had been seen, had been observed, and that the police posted a heavy guard the night after, an also swore to do the same the subsequent Midsummer Night (and they did), without that mattering much. We were soaring, and they were left behind, where their kind will always be, in the poisoned dirt of modern, tyrannical society. They never admitted publicly that a «heathen orgy» had taken place in their backyard. The duplicity displayed by the uniformed estate never ceases to surprise me.

Except for further Travels here and there I lived in the City of Cities for close to five years. Midsummer Night was celebrated once again in Hyde Park three years later, when the police no longer guarded it, and I met even more friends and like-minded human beings.

Something infinitely great began that night, and it has been an integrated part of our lives since. We have done certain attempts at… exporting it, both successful and not.

The attempts alone have given me many great moments, many explosive nights.

Life is indeed a fantastic Journey, and not the smallest part of today’s extensive horrible society can change that, because this society, in its foundations is just a pale shadow of Life, as it truly is.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Civilization destroys more land and people

What strikes me the most when I hear about the most recent war the Peruvian government and international capitalism are waging against tribes and tribal land of the Amazon jungle is simply how very common and unsurprising this is.

That makes it worse, in case you’re wondering. If this was happening only one place on Earth it would still be bad, very bad, but it wouldn’t be the worldwide disaster we see and have seen for so very long now.

It’s a pattern repeating itself across the world and throughout history. The Destroyers, the destructive powers currently have the upper hand and has had it for quite a while, and they’re using it at every possible opportunity.

Indigenous groups, mostly in the Amazon parts of Peru have lately protested strongly against a series of legislative degrees, known as The Law of the Jungle, basically giving the president, Alan Garcia a free hand in implementing laws to conform to the Free Trade Agreement with the United States. The protests against even more destruction of tribal lands in the Amazon have been met with brutal reactions from Peruvian military and paramilitary powers. Countless protesters have been outright murdered. Others have been killed in fighting against the military.

Garcia stated, during the worst unrest in Peru for years that he wasn’t «about to let anything stand in the way of our development, especially not a bunch of confused savages». I guess that, in addition to his actions tells us everything we need to know about him.

The Peruvian parliament has recently suspended some of the laws, but the basic situation has certainly not changed. Several of the tribal leaders have been forced to flee the country.

In California, United States a court has ordered the eviction of the California Valley Miwok Tribe, removing federal rights they have according to the old treaties with the government. Those treaties are obviously as valid as ever, and the government just as trustworthy. This is just one of several underreported indigenous struggles in both North and South America in recent decades, continuing the genocide of the previous centuries.

«An aggressive drive is taking place to extract the last remaining resources from indigenous territories,» says Victoria Tauli-Corpus, an indigenous Filipino and chair of the UN permanent forum on indigenous issues. «There is a crisis of human rights. There are more and more arrests, killings and abuses. This is happening in Russia, Canada, the Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia, Nigeria, the Amazon, all over Latin America, Papua New Guinea and Africa. It is global. We are seeing a human rights emergency. A battle is taking place for natural resources everywhere. Much of the world's natural capital – oil, gas, timber, minerals – lies on or beneath lands occupied by indigenous people.»

As is usually the case, governments and the forces of capitalism are cooperating to ruin, to destroy The Earth and all life on it. The pace is picking up, and The Destroyers are practically unopposed and unreported wherever they strike, all over the planet. This isn't just about the injustice done to indigenous people, but us all.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Book

Shadowwalk by Amos Keppler

The world is changing. They know this, in their core of cores, where everything moves and shifts. Night and fire have followed them all the days of their lives.

What they carry inside has always scared them, always intrigued them...
They have always felt different, apart from the crowd. And here, now they get the confirmation they have always wanted, always yearned for, that they are truly different, a breed apart. The metamorphosis begins. Their minds, their bodies are changing in shocking and unpredictable ways, as what's on the inside are brought to the outside. And as they themselves are changing they are also changing the world.

Danger awaits them, Life awaits them, in the small, backward New England town. Magick and Mystery may be found beneath unturned stones.

People, young and old, are descending on the small, insignificant town of Northfield, New England.

Boys and girls, students at the school of Life, Seekers, yearning for what's different, what's hidden.

They're seeking within and without, high and low.

And here, in this dusty, remote place they're finding it, turning the stone, finding the strength within themselves to be themselves, to break out of confines, to the world beyond. And in time, after the initial, tentative steps pushing down paths new and undreamed of.

And the present day order sees them for what they are... Agents of Change, a threat to any establishment, any imposed reality. The heatwave, the worst in living memory, is nothing compared to the boiling within the human heart. The Indian Summer heralds the twilight of mankind.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

1984 and then some

Today it is fifty years since George Orwell’s novel 1984 was published. Its nightmare scenario of a totalitarian society with total surveillance and total tyranny is long since realized in today’s world, and taken a step or ten further.

The surveillance is massive, with cameras practically everywhere, and ever new laws and regulations are introduced to read and listen in on our communications. Big Brother and Sister are very much present all over the world. The moment you enter civilization they are there to greet you and pet you and whip you into obedience.

It’s subtle in many ways, with the stick and carrot method used to entice and deceive you, but the threat of violence and brutality are ever close, if you should step out of line and disobey the long list of no, no’s. Democracy is the sneakiest tyranny in history, because it gives people the illusion of participation. The goal is ever control, more and more control, with countless various subtexts used to achieve it.

For each new generation the noose is tightening. The current generation approaching adulthood is called Echo-boomers, because they tend to echo their parents and society’s viewpoints to an uncanny degree, and even skip the temporary teenage rebellion. This is grave news, and shows, on a long list of chilling revelation how far the social control has come. What is one generation’s horror is next generation’s shrug. We, all of us passionate about saving humanity from itself are in a hurry.

The thing is, every new oppressive legislation is either met with a shrug or eager support by an indifferent population. The leaders could never have gone this far without more or less active participation by their clueless subjects. The time of the lone, classic dictator is pretty much of the past in this Brave New World. Oh, there are a few left, but their time has come. The modern dictators basically control people by guile, deceit and sleight of hand, as stated a far more sneaky and effective method of persuasion and subjugation. The modern tyranny has all the strings, hold all the cards in its hands, except the jokers, the wild cards and those not buying into whatever the guys at the top of the pyramid are selling.

It is very much about selling, actually, about selling a concept, selling peace, about bartering freedom for safety, about selling out. If you can make people give up the most valuable piece of themselves, the very piece making them human you can make them do anything.

2 plus 2 equals 5, and that’s just the beginning.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something happened - not exactly yet another Wednesday

Something happened tonight, like it did another Wednesday not that long ago. Nothing particular happened, really, nothing except a few low-keyed conversations, a few cryptic text-messages, and some Magick ceremonies in the attic.

What does it take, really, to reach a state of excited inspiration and a sense of destiny approaching, a Magick feeling of fire and shadow burning within you?

It doesn’t necessarily take much. Usually it’s something big, like a Journey, actual and physical to new and foreign beaches and forests and mountains and seas, but occasionally it’s something quiet and subtle and virtually unnoticeable. The day and even the night start off completely ordinary, but at some point or more something happens. You cross a boundary, take one crucial step in your mind, and you’re there.

The world is so big, and your own fire so powerful. This isn’t wishful thinking, but a fact, but you need to remind yourself of that occasionally.

But sometimes you don’t need to. You know you’ve crossed a threshold on your path, one long time in coming and longed for. It’s not one thing, but many, working together, creating a cohesive whole, teaching you something, making you realize something you didn’t know or realize before… pushing you beyond a point you’ve strived to reach for some time. It’s fickle, but it’s There, aiding you further on your Path.

It may fade again, at least for a while, but return ever stronger, ever more powerful. I sit in the attic, at the center of my pentacle of mist and shadow, reading the Book of Fate. Everything I am, storyteller, witch, pagan, musician, Human Being, rebel, shaman, warrior poet, wild man, nomad and a thousand other things is joined, becoming one, and I know, yet again, better than I did the path ahead.

I see, briefly, overwhelmingly The Invisible Labyrinth, the Winding Ways of a witch, of a human being.

Moments of joy are moments few and rare, but right now it doesn’t really feel that way. I go Deep, dive deep into the true life of the Human Being. The time of change is once again upon me.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Being challenged

One of many problems with present day people is that not many of them are used to having their perceptions challenged. They’ve gotten away with that for far too long. One sees it in all debate, both public and private, especially concerning controversial subjects, but also generally speaking. Most people have a rigid view on existence. Everything and everybody challenging their inflexible view is initially condemned and rejected. There is none or very little reflection in people’s consciousness. The rejection and condemnation is instinctive, automatic and immediate.

There is no need for examples here. Everything outside people’s perception of reality fit the description above.

The way to combat this initially is to disregard people’s fear, to not care about it at all, but on the contrary keep challenging them on as many subjects as possible, cut their narcissism as deep as possible. But the best method is, of course to create a society that will not merely accept people who are different, accept variety and unlimited creativity, but encourage it, encourage all those things. Children must, from an early age be shown all the various sides of life, and not be kept away from it, like they are today. Today they are treated like china. When you see children in protective gear that isn’t just a sign that they are physically overprotected, but also mentally. Today one is supposed to «talk» to the children when something bad happens, as if they aren’t fully capable of fathoming life’s less fortunate sides on their own. I’ve got news for you: both children and most people are actually far tougher than many seem to think.

The power base civilization has been created by and for certainly has a purpose to their insanity in keeping important parts of reality from the general population, keeping them in ignorance. They are more easily led that way, and that’s the power base purpose and desire. They want control at any cost.

Thus is humanity tamed and broken, piece by piece.

So, think twice next time an impulse tells you to condemn what’s different, next time you’re experiencing something not fitting into your narrow view on reality. Perhaps your decision made on the merit of your first hunch is wrong? Perhaps it isn’t even yours, but has been made because of layer upon layer of subtle commands recorded on your soft drive since the cradle, commands you have never even attempted to resist? Most people today hardly work better than a tape recorder, and never do much to find their own voice, their own, independent opinions. They are merely passively and meekly repeating the thoughts and actions of others, and have few or none of their own.

Other words for such creatures are puppets or robots. That is, in truth what most people have become in the modern world. Push a button, pull a cord, and you can make them do anything. If you push the aforementioned buttons and activate the pre-recorded responses, your success is pretty much a sure thing.

So, next time you’re shocked or «morally challenged» or feel a need to attack a complete stranger or one not fitting your perception of «correct behavior», think again, and again and again, and again, and perhaps, perhaps you will realize that you are not living the life you truly want to live, that it is you that aren’t «right», not the poor soul you’re condemning and throwing rocks at. And after that empowering process has been ON for a while you may also notice other changes; that you are changing, for the better. Perhaps you will even like that person, that free human being you will eventually become.

Monday, June 01, 2009


There is a political alternative usually being kept off the table when the future of mankind is being discussed. It’s called Primitivism, and is about seeking our lost or rather displaced past, our long neglected contact with nature, with the very life we have denied during the prolonged disaster called civilization.

A brief disaster and horrible condition so far, though, compared to the time humanity has wandered the Earth.

Civilization is seen as everything that is good in humanity’s existence, but it’s rather the opposite. It’s enhancing all our worst sides, encouraging everything about us so widespread today, like destruction of nature, the ruining of all life on the planet and all the horrible stuff human beings are confronted with on a daily basis. It’s destroying everything making life worth living. Some people claim there is more than one civilization, that here are several ways of organizing civilization, but that is a very misunderstood and counterproductive attitude, in my opinion.

There is only one, and it’s Death, both the spiritual, ruining us, reducing us to machines, to tiny wheels in a vast, oiled machinery, and the physical death, the end of mankind and all life on this little pinprick of eternity.

To embrace primitivism is to seek our origin, what worked for us for millions of years, to re-establish ourselves as nomadic tribes. We are natural nomads. It’s a life that’s right for us, where we are alive and thriving. Hunters and gatherers in the wilderness, where we can Live and not merely exist. To seek this state, this fire inside is to bid farewell to civilization and everything about it. Civilization and wilderness can never coexist, because civilization, by its very existence is feeding off all wilderness, all life. Civilization is monotony and regimentation personified, wilderness is variety incarnated.

So, civilization, that is totally unsustainable and both will be collapsing under its own weight, and buried by us, in a storm of joy will fade from this Earth, like the nightmare it is, and we will teach ourselves to survive and thrive in the wilderness. We will learn to move in stealth, to hunt and to recognize and acknowledge the rhythms of life awakening in us from our long sleep.

This won’t be a perfect society or in any way a paradise. There is no such thing and there never will be, fortunately not. It’s yet another work in progress, like all others, but one where children are encouraged to think and act freely and independently, instead of being crushed to pieces and dust, to nothing, like they are today. One where they grow up as free human beings, as creative and truly thriving individuals, without the constant presence of dogma and force destroying them from the cradle and to old life, without any limitation, except those put there by nature itself.

Every single individual and/or group will be able to survive on its own merit, without having to trust what’s happening far away, beyond any form for control. No one will claim they own the Earth or even a piece of it anymore, because the very thought will reduce the chance of survival. True common sense will once again take «a front seat». We won’t shit in our own nest anymore. No one is doing that, no one with what with any stretch of the imagination can be called common sense.

Many of today’s walking dead will point at everything we will lose when civilization is crashing into the bottomless, stinking pit it belongs, but that’s just more civilized bullshit, propaganda. We won’t be losing anything significant, anything not present in a considerable improved version in nature. Our «life» today is merely a pale version of what we are born to live.

Point by point the wilderness is a superior way of life. We will be in better health, dramatically better. Medicine will cure, not poison, like it does today. We will thrive, instead of dying bit by bit. We will live in a diverse society, where the very word hierarchy will be alien to us, will be seen as the insanity it is. Between two or three hours on average a day will be used to survive. The rest may be used to think, consider, create and live. Every new day, every new horizon will be an experience. This isn’t wishful thinking, but thoroughly considered realities that millions of people have tried on and long to experience in full, without the constant presence of a society praising death and suffering like a malignant tumor in our life. The world will be big again, will be endless again, and a lot more will be right in the world.

Humanity is, roughly speaking facing two options today, two paths, one breaking us down physically and mentally, with Earth ending up as a burned-out, lifeless rock in Space, or one where we won’t merely survive, but also live and thrive.

Continued civilization isn’t very likely, as it will always carry the seed of its own destruction, but if humanity’s destructive tendencies should manage to strangle the planet, to force it under our heel, and thereby continue the current society of death at the cost of our last remaining humanity then the lifeless rock is the likely and inevitable end product.

Or civilization will simply collapse by itself. The human-created Global Warming, the ever worsened social relations, and the upcoming pandemic will occur pretty much simultaneously and hasten the inevitable collapse.

But the best alternative is certainly that we choose to leave this living death, this tombstone, this monument to destruction and poison, and all its insane ways of thinking as soon as possible, not just because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do, and return to the life we so obviously are born to live.

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