Friday, May 01, 2009

Anarchist Day

The day today started off as a witchnight thousands of years ago, what today is usually called Beltane among witches, heathens, pagans and other practitioners of witchcraft, a wild and uninhibited celebration of Life.

In today’s world, was the next day, in modern times, in the Machine Age’s ruthless gray light known as Anarchist Day, as a response against the tyranny of labor, not as a celebration of it.

The labor unrest in Haymarket in Chicago, United States in 1886 is seen as the beginning of the modern Labor Day, but a major minority, both in the United States and internationally, both before and after the civil wars in Spain in 1936 continued to use it as a way of protest against labor itself, and government, the judicial system and organizing in general.

When the people unjustly convicted of the Haymarket-bombing waited to be hanged, and shouted «hoch die anarki» they praised anarchism, not socialism.

It isn’t strange that the anarchists in Spain were given special attention by General Franco and his upcoming dictatorship. There were several well-working anarchist communes, consisting of people rejecting all organization, both capitalism and what is now seen as traditional communism.

Anarcho-primitivism and it passionate supporters wishing to remove the very civilization from humanity’s life is today hounded from all sides and persecuted more than any other domestic groups of rebels. Not so strange perhaps, not so strange, period, since we are the foremost existing enemies of tyranny, since we are attacking its fundamentals, it very foundation, and don’t try to interact with it or engage it in a conversation or anything. We know that any attempt to improve tyranny, the way the majority of today’s human beings are talking so much about will merely consolidate its position, its dominance. Which is exactly what has been happening for a while now, what is happening, and will keep happening as long as people won’t go to the roots of the disease and actually do something about the enormous heap of problems that is unavoidable in today’s world.

PS: I dislike all such «days», really. Just like Witchnight can and should be celebrated all days and nights of the year so should Anarchy and Chaos and Life be.