Friday, January 02, 2009

Israel reveals its true face time and time again

At the first day of israel’s new campaign, its massive bombardment of Gaza, in a so-called response to the rocket attack where one Israeli was killed and one wounded approximately 225 Palestinians, among them 2o children were killed and approximately 700 wounded. Last time I checked 4 israelis and 400 Palestinians had been killed. Hundred to one in terms of fatalities. That’s quite something, even for the israelis.

It’s very typical for the ongoing conflict. Every time an israeli gets a tiny scratch the israeli army cuts the throat of Palestinian men, women and children, blowing them to kingdom come, bombing their cities, houses and villages to rubble, without even considering where the bombs might hit.

One has to look long and hard throughout history to find a similar brutal war machine and occupant. I agree with those saying that israel is a vicious apartheid power. I agree with those calling for a total boycott of israel, military, politically, economically and culturally. A guy responded to a christian «israel can do nothing bad» by saying: «the situation is too horrible for me to have the will to respond to a christian conservative on autopilot defending israel’s crimes». I agree with that as well.

Another guy, on the same thread is also hitting it right on the head: «I’ve given up israel a long time ago. It’s no use having any sort of meaningful dialogue with them. They don’t care shit about us and the rest of the world. This regime is criminal in both execution and inclination».

When is enough enough? How far will israel be allowed to go before the world community says stop? It has gone way too far already. Extreme measures should have been taken against its brutal reign long ago.


Jehoshaphat said...

Go to Hell!

Amos Keppler said...

There is no hell, except in your mind. With a mindset like that there is no surprise you are supporting israel.

I guess you are one of those guys persistently voting for all those insane governments.