Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Finally George W. Bush has been kicked out the backdoor in a building he should never have been given a day pass to.

The wait is over. Barack Hussein Obama was finally inaugurated. This is a great night, a watershed in more than one way. They called him a friend to terrorists, called him a socialist, a Muslim and virtually every «four-letter-word» in the book, threw all their considerable resources at him, but nothing worked. That makes it twice as fun. Obama gained support of just about any group in society, except the narrow-minded and ignorant and intolerant. The future is the multicultural. The past is a bunch of white, intolerant, ignorant, tyrannical christian assholes and war mongers. To hear the new janitor say «I, Barack Hussein Obama solemnly swear» was just as much fun as I had imagined it would be.

My excitement concerning events such as these will never be ecstatic, though, since I don’t believe in democracy as a system, because it is the sneakiest tyranny in history, because it gives people the illusion of participation, and never more than that.

But it is still a great night, just like Election Night.

It was my first time today, the very first time I watched everything from Washington DC on inauguration day. I have been excited. He is very engaging, in spite of typical American language like «god bless America» and such garbage. I followed Obama throughout his campaign, since he declared himself a candidate, heard him state that he wants to change the United States and the world, and I have even, at least once in a while, to a certain extent believed it. It was a great moment when we saw him speak in Chicago during the Election Day. We didn’t see an arrogant winner, but a reflecting and cautiously optimistic human being, and his inauguration speech was pretty much the same. I was even fearful on his behalf today, for the assassin’s bullet that might be waiting for him, stopping his presidency before it began. Too bad he is not the agent of true change we saw in glimpses at the start of the primaries, but rather a radical pragmatist, which is far better than most janitors before him, but not really what the world and humanity truly needs.

Might one dare to hope that the Republican Party is done, is finished, that they will never regain former «glory», that they are forever exposed for what they are in people’s eyes, that a certain degree of intelligence and reflection, represented by Obama from now on will dominate American politics, and that a third, far more radical force eventually also will challenge and supplant the Democratic Party? Probably not, but nothing is impossible. We have seen that much the last few months.

Christianity is declining, also in the United States, even in the United States, slowly but surely, no matter how much these creeps are holding on to established positions of power. And let’s not for a moment forget that Obama is a christian.

Two issues stand out where I can say I’m very much in disagreement with Obama: One is the war in Afghanistan, and thereby his support of the lies after 9/11. US foreign policy won’t change by the waving of a magic wand, but over time it will, to a certain degree. There will be a shift towards a more reasonable approach, inevitably. The difference between him and other US presidents is huge. I agree with those saying we will keep protesting against American foreign policy for a long time yet, though.

The other is that he hasn’t denounced nuclear power completely. He has to do that. Nuclear power is just as much of the past as John McCain and his backers is.

Obama has to close the gulag in Guantanamo and free, unconditionally all the prisoners there. He has to do so fast, or he will not be trustworthy. To give them an apology and lots of money for their troubles is also a good idea. He must give crystal clear orders to all the torturers he has in his employ, among them people in the CIA, and all the secret services. It will be hard for any kind of court to punish them for their crimes, though, even though it has long since been established that it is no excuse to be under orders. Bush and cronies should definitely be put on trial, but Obama will not do so, in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation.

He has to remove all the oppressing laws approved under Bush, what Bush implanted under the guise of «the war on terror», the false war, created to more easily approve such laws.

The new «rocket shield» in Eastern Europe should be scrapped, totally and without reservation.

A completely new Middle East policy is mandatory, even more than before. Israel must be forced to stop its murderous and tyrannical ways, stop its genocide of the Palestinian people. If the United States had stopped its economic and «moral» support Israel would be forced down another path instantly.

He spoke about hope, something that is very unrealistic in my eyes, and that isn’t the cynic in me talking. There is not much reason for hope, not because of the so called financial crisis, but because of the totally overwhelming problems today’s humanity is facing, where every step seen as an improvement is really the opposite, if you look at the big picture, the truly important issues. To hope in this context is to deceive oneself and others. Hope can be very dangerous and contrary to intelligent thinking.

But it is a great night, in spite of it all. Barack Hussein Obama is real, is an honest and true human being, at least the closest approximate we have seen in a while, and unless he is assassinated before he gets things seriously under way he will make his mark on the world, and potentially change it. At least he can help it take a crucial first step on the long walk towards the enormous changes that will have to come, those far more far-reaching than most people can imagine.

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