Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Blood on their hands and worse

I’ve stated repeatedly for years that supporters of israel and its oppressive, murderous policies have blood on their hands. But it’s really worse than that. They’re supporting a government or series of governments that can easily be compared with the worst throughout history, like Nazi-Germany, Pol Pot, South Africa during apartheid and so on. It doesn’t change much that the majority of the population belonging to the ruling class has basic rights («democracy» and stuff). In many ways it makes it worse.

My first blogarticle about israel was published the summer of 2006, after yet another massacre by israeli forces, and after yet another leader showed himself to be no better than all of his predecessors. There have been numerous such occasions, both before and after. And every time the supporters of tyranny is riling up to defend the indefensible. They put the terrorist stamp on Hamas, insisting that they should discontinue their resistance, their very justified war against the brutal israeli occupation. The tiny mosquito bites used by the israelis to justify israels’ undeniably horrible acts. Whatever Hamas is doing and what they are dwarfs in comparison with israel and the israeli supporters. The evidence, the illustrations we see every day of the occupant’s policy are or should be obvious to all.

Yes, these people should indeed be held accountable. Their attitude or lack of it is quite simply completely unacceptable. Again and again we are forced to ask the same, inevitable question: What’s wrong with people?

To say that israel has a right to defend itself is like saying that laundry is dirty. It’s meaningless, especially since they are not doing that. What they are doing is slow, painful genocide, and that is to put it all in the right perspective. The fact that it is a slow, thorough process doesn’t it make it less genocide. Hamas isn’t the issue here. Israel is. Both in terms of «quality» and quantity we see that it’s israel and their supporters’ misanthropic view of mankind that is victorious here.

To speak about «dialogue» and «neutrality» in this context is totally meaningless and inappropriate. Those doing that or claim to be that, is siding with israel.

There has been a discussion about various kinds of boycotts lately. And even though I am now reluctantly in favor of a total boycott without exceptions I can understand why some people as disgusted with israels actions as I am don’t support it. Boycotts, generally speaking don’t work, because they tend to be incomplete. But in israel’s case, if all its old friends in the west desert them it will probably be very effective. And one thing such an act will do, no matter what, is to send a message, a clear and not to be misunderstood message to israel and their accomplices: STOP! And that is by far preferable to the disgusting endless inaction dominating the world’s Middle East politics for more than sixty, no, make that more than hundred years.

Israel should be totally isolated from the international community, politically, militarily, economically and culturally, with no exceptions, until they stop. We can't stop them today, but we can certainly stop them from eventually erasing the Palestinian people. Yes, we can.

Yet another true criminal on his way out.
Whatever the result of the upcoming election...
Yet another criminal will take his place.

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