Friday, March 07, 2008


I saw her falling
Bright as day
On the blackest night
I watched as her form
Hit the wet ground
Cracking open like an eggshell
The shadow, her shadow
Dark and potent
Revealed itself to me

She, she walked
Down the street
The shadowy street
With me
Flashing her fangs
The hellish creature
The beyond lovely
Beast of flesh and fire
Looked at me
And revealed her fangs

I saw her rising
Black as night
On the brightest day
I beheld her Shadow
The Sun in the sky
And the darkest
Most delicious thoughts
Filled my mind

We are falling
Through intricate space
Forever falling
Until damning words
Have meaning no longer
We flow through
The black velvet sky
Born in that
Eternal living sea
With murder and mayhem
On our mind

Amos Keppler

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