Monday, July 02, 2007


An excerpt of a meeting between Gordon «Gordy» Brown, and one of his shadier, unnamed advisors a few weeks ago:

Brown: I need a bit of… a show. People see me as more moderate than Tony in the fight against terror, surveillance and security measures and all that shit, and I need justification for continuing on the Path. I will be very restrained, of course, when I tell the public that we shouldn’t rush legislation of new security laws, and then, after a few months, when we are doing them anyway, people will nod and be very understanding, and we get what we want without hassle from the public. Except for the usual troublemakers from the Civil Liberties Union and bunch, but no one listens to them, anyway.

Advisor: I understand, sir. Put your mind to rest, we will put the necessary forces in motion. I am confident you will be quite pleased with the result.

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