Sunday, June 10, 2007

Christianity versus Sony

Sony has used the Manchester Cathedral in England as a setting in one of their new PlayStation video games, Resistance: fall of Man. The Church of England says Sony didn’t obtain permission to use the interior, and is considering «legal action». The game has sold more than one million copies (god knows why), and shows a virtual shootout in the cathedral’s nave in which hundreds are killed. Sony, in quite its usual abrasive style says it believed it had sought all necessary permits for the game.

The world is a very funny place sometimes.

This is clearly a case where none of the contenders are right or deserve any support. It’s hilarious, really. Two of the most powerful and tyrannical forces today are butting heads, and we can sit back in our deep chairs, and enjoy the show.

It is great fun when christian sensibilities are stirred (or better). We see here the quite common christian hypocrisy in action. They have waged war against Freedom throughout the centuries and killed millions of people while doing so, and continue that holy practice today. But still, when someone is being ironic and revealing their true colors (probably unintentionally) feathers are ruffled badly.

And Sony is merely yet another multinational corporation that has fucked with people since its very creation. And they have used the law and «legal action» to do so, do so countless times, and waged a relentless war against «pirates» costing them their hard earned cash, and even chipped away quite a lot of their power.

They will probably settle. It will be in both their interest, as it often is between such major forces. But it will be funny while it lasts. At least we can hope for some fireworks. Hope springs eternal, like any christian could tell you.


Rigmor said...

Hope springs eternal: wouldn't it be great if Sony and Christianity could simply wear each other out so much that we wouldn't have to hear from either for the next millenium?

Amos Keppler said...

Yeah, a fight to the finish, leaving only ruins.