Thursday, May 31, 2007

A world where greed rules

Mercury Energy on New Zealand cut the power to the Muliaga family because of an unpaid bill, even though Folole Muliaga, the disabled mother of four told them, and the employee of the firm coming to turn off the power supply that she needed it for her respirator in order to survive. He told her that he was «just doing his job», and ignored her pleas. She died few hours later.

The police say it will look into the matter. The family and many others are understandably calling for an independent inquiry.

Is there any excuse for this… this murder? Of course not. Mercury Energy will probably defend themselves with that it’s «just business» and get away with it, like many other firms have been doing in similar and other circumstances. This is a case showing, revealing beyond doubt what the world has come to. It’s not a unique case, but for some reason it got some publicity, probably caused by a slow news night or perhaps because the editor of a paper or television station had a bad day at work, or something.

If he had had a good night he wouldn’t have published this, wouldn’t have published real news.

There are countless cases such as this. Victims beyond numbers have died because of small men’s greed.

The cry should go out all over the world: Murderers.

And they are, far more than people killing others with a bullet, a knife or a fist.

And yeah, they should be named, and never get a moment’s peace, for the rest of their lives.

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