Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Unworthy

I’ve recently realized something that I’ve always been aware of on some level, but not consciously perhaps: People don’t see their own worth. When asked to offer their opinion they don’t have any or at the very least not one they care or dare or bother to voice. This is a state of mind most pronounced in old people, but also in a growing number of young. «I’m too old, ask somebody younger. You’ll receive better answers there». Or: «Nobody cares about what I think, not even I».

They are beaten, downtrodden and feel unworthy, exactly as they are supposed to. This is the modern society, as the tyrants envision it. When most people are riled with inferiority complexes, they are exactly as they have been taught to be, easy playthings, easy buttons to push and rule. The old haven’t much independence left, and the young are eager and willing to loose theirs.

This is the world desired by those seeing themselves as the masters. It is said that freedom and independence are valued today, but that’s merely yet another illusion or mirage, in a world «thriving» on such things. The true currency in the current world is deception, submission and codependence, a fact turning ever more obvious as time passes by. What do people do when being confronted by their servitude, their inability to make up their own mind and make their own, true choices, to act on their own, deeper impulses? Oh, yeah, they grow angry, hurt, and many don’t even do that, but pull further into the shell, the armor they have erected around themselves, to protect themselves from the world.

The ivory tower is the preferred manner of living today. I could say you should picture it in your mind, but that shouldn’t be necessary, since you see it around you wherever you look today… the proud building of The Unworthy.

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