Sunday, May 13, 2007

Calls from the wilderness (II)

I walk past the gutted nature, the naked slope where a piece of the forest once was. The guy living in the house below has felled every tree. I keep shaking my head. I wonder what he was thinking, if indeed he was, is thinking. There seems to be no reason, no rhyme to this wanton destruction, as usual. He cuts down all the trees above his house, eventually removing all roots, everything binding the soil. I am sure most of you have seen what clean hillsides look like. I don’t have to paint a picture. Or, if you haven’t seen it, you should make sure you do, to see yet another example of what people do in your name, in humanity’s name.

Does this guy deserve to have the upcoming, inevitable landslide landing right into his living room? You bet!

This is so very symptomatic for everything that is wrong with current humanity that it’s almost funny. I want to laugh and cry, and it’s made worse by the fact that I can’t decide which.

Life is cut down at the very beginning of the growth season, discarded like ruined clothes. The fucker took one look out of his window one day, and decided he didn’t enjoy the view, and he decided to redecorate.

And it looks like hell. And this isn’t even that much of a destruction, not compared to what the big lumber companies are doing regularly. This is how they make their big bucks. This is what human greed and big bucks and modern human «invention» do to the world every second of every day. This is what we fail to stop, what we allow to go on.

Calls from the wilderness (I).

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