Thursday, May 31, 2007

A world where greed rules

Mercury Energy on New Zealand cut the power to the Muliaga family because of an unpaid bill, even though Folole Muliaga, the disabled mother of four told them, and the employee of the firm coming to turn off the power supply that she needed it for her respirator in order to survive. He told her that he was «just doing his job», and ignored her pleas. She died few hours later.

The police say it will look into the matter. The family and many others are understandably calling for an independent inquiry.

Is there any excuse for this… this murder? Of course not. Mercury Energy will probably defend themselves with that it’s «just business» and get away with it, like many other firms have been doing in similar and other circumstances. This is a case showing, revealing beyond doubt what the world has come to. It’s not a unique case, but for some reason it got some publicity, probably caused by a slow news night or perhaps because the editor of a paper or television station had a bad day at work, or something.

If he had had a good night he wouldn’t have published this, wouldn’t have published real news.

There are countless cases such as this. Victims beyond numbers have died because of small men’s greed.

The cry should go out all over the world: Murderers.

And they are, far more than people killing others with a bullet, a knife or a fist.

And yeah, they should be named, and never get a moment’s peace, for the rest of their lives.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Unworthy

I’ve recently realized something that I’ve always been aware of on some level, but not consciously perhaps: People don’t see their own worth. When asked to offer their opinion they don’t have any or at the very least not one they care or dare or bother to voice. This is a state of mind most pronounced in old people, but also in a growing number of young. «I’m too old, ask somebody younger. You’ll receive better answers there». Or: «Nobody cares about what I think, not even I».

They are beaten, downtrodden and feel unworthy, exactly as they are supposed to. This is the modern society, as the tyrants envision it. When most people are riled with inferiority complexes, they are exactly as they have been taught to be, easy playthings, easy buttons to push and rule. The old haven’t much independence left, and the young are eager and willing to loose theirs.

This is the world desired by those seeing themselves as the masters. It is said that freedom and independence are valued today, but that’s merely yet another illusion or mirage, in a world «thriving» on such things. The true currency in the current world is deception, submission and codependence, a fact turning ever more obvious as time passes by. What do people do when being confronted by their servitude, their inability to make up their own mind and make their own, true choices, to act on their own, deeper impulses? Oh, yeah, they grow angry, hurt, and many don’t even do that, but pull further into the shell, the armor they have erected around themselves, to protect themselves from the world.

The ivory tower is the preferred manner of living today. I could say you should picture it in your mind, but that shouldn’t be necessary, since you see it around you wherever you look today… the proud building of The Unworthy.

The unmoving

Various surveys across the world have recently pretty much confirmed what we all already knew: Driving a car is detrimental to people’s health. Those owning a car tend to use it on most occasions, even for short trips, and they don’t get to move around much. The distance they actually walk on their feet each day is growing increasingly shorter. I can attest to that. I stopped using a car when I observed how people drove the short distance to their neighbors, about fifty meters at the shortest.

But it’s far worse than that, I’m afraid. This is only the beginning of a condition described by several science fiction writers, where people stay put in their chair all day. Machines tend to their needs. They do nothing, except eating and staring at the flashing screen in front of them. Slowly, inevitably they become only the mouth and secondary the hands and eyes and ears, and everything else become redundant, in the true sense of the words. We are fed like babies, and just as able to think and act for ourselves.

I see people take the bus two short stops or up a hillside or even down it. It seems sweating has become unfashionable, and quickly becomes even more so. When I meet people in the forest, I can smell perfume and deodorant, antiperspirants on them. They have showered before their professed exercise. The aim is to look and smell good, not to get in shape or to really use the body. So these are examples of a greater, major problem, one that keeps growing worse, exponentially. If this keeps up I will be in much better shape when I am sixty than most teenagers, which is good for me, at least in a short-sighted sort of way, but certainly not for humanity as a whole.

Civilization makes us all helpless. That’s its function and its aim, its ultimate goal. As I’ve stated before: If this keeps up we will all, fairly soon be unable to dress and undress ourselves, both literary and literally. This is yet another inevitable result of the seed we have sown.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Two for the price of one

We’re getting rid of two major assholes in power soon. It won’t change anything, but it will feel good, will be quite satisfying, temporarily at least.

Tony Blair and Paul Wolfowitz are both set to step down by the end of June.

The soon-to-be ex prime minister of Great Britain and chief of the World Bank are two sides of the same bad coin.

Wolfowitz had to go because he openly used his position to give favors to his own girlfriend and Blair because of his unpopularity caused by his decision to invade Iraq, but none of that really matters.

They say Blair, «Teflon Tony»’s record was stained by the invasion in Iraq, and that is true, but the truth of the matter is that what he did domestically should have stained him even more. By triumphing through a number of oppressive laws both before and after 9/11 and 7/7 he helped make Britain even more of a police state than it already was.

Wolfowitz got the job in the World Bank because he was a member of the criminal elite taking power in the United States in the November 2000 election. Those people were already powerful, but they grew even more so on that day. The United States’ government, like all governments was already corrupt, of course, but it grew a notch worse the moment George W. Bush and bunch moved in. So the fact that Wolfowitz «screwed up» by giving his girlfriend obvious favors, that his tenure in the United States administration made him too overconfident is totally incidental. He has participated in a long list of things, of true crimes far worse by far.

There is little doubt that people like Wolfowitz are «right» for the World Bank. It has always been corrupt and served the masters of the world. The reason he had to go was that he inconvenienced his masters, and became an embarrassment to them, not the act itself.

Two bad men have been forced to step down. The thoroughly destructive system they serve, with its billions of servants, one hostile to all mankind and all life, remains and thrives.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Calls from the wilderness (II)

I walk past the gutted nature, the naked slope where a piece of the forest once was. The guy living in the house below has felled every tree. I keep shaking my head. I wonder what he was thinking, if indeed he was, is thinking. There seems to be no reason, no rhyme to this wanton destruction, as usual. He cuts down all the trees above his house, eventually removing all roots, everything binding the soil. I am sure most of you have seen what clean hillsides look like. I don’t have to paint a picture. Or, if you haven’t seen it, you should make sure you do, to see yet another example of what people do in your name, in humanity’s name.

Does this guy deserve to have the upcoming, inevitable landslide landing right into his living room? You bet!

This is so very symptomatic for everything that is wrong with current humanity that it’s almost funny. I want to laugh and cry, and it’s made worse by the fact that I can’t decide which.

Life is cut down at the very beginning of the growth season, discarded like ruined clothes. The fucker took one look out of his window one day, and decided he didn’t enjoy the view, and he decided to redecorate.

And it looks like hell. And this isn’t even that much of a destruction, not compared to what the big lumber companies are doing regularly. This is how they make their big bucks. This is what human greed and big bucks and modern human «invention» do to the world every second of every day. This is what we fail to stop, what we allow to go on.

Calls from the wilderness (I).