Thursday, April 12, 2007

Snapshots of a Life

That, to me, is modern existence in a nutshell. Imagine a camera with an enormously powerful lens, seeing only a slice of what your eyes see a given moment. That’s the narrow perspective we are taught to perceive from our earliest memories. This is the way we are forced to look at reality.

The stern teachers, deceivers have two main tools at their disposal. One is religion and the other is science, both, in their own way offering the deceivers the opportunity to divert people’s attention away from what is truly happening, what the world and the Universe truly is.

I have written before about how people see the world, existence itself as a brick wall, and how it absolutely isn’t. Many others do, too, without that making the deaf ears listen any better. But the truth is far more pronounced than even that. The world is fundamentally different from how we are taught to perceive it, and it causes suffering beyond belief, causes today’s horrible world to linger, to «grow» into an even more terrible nightmare. The truth, the many-faced truth of reality was and is the first casualty of the war civilization and its henchmen have waged against nature for so long, now. William Blake wrote about the chinks of people’s cavern long ago, about how, if they only opened their eyes, they would see the world as it is - infinite, and many people quote him, but very few truly realize what the significance of his words is. They quote art, but they don’t even try do understand it. Instead they speak meaningless, perceived intellectual phrases about «understanding art» and keep slumbering in their dreamless sleep.

One snapshot, two, three, a few thousands perhaps, that is all we are able and willing to perceive today, in a Universe, in a vast unbridled Reality where billions beyond billions of intricate, beyond deep paintings are interacting, changing, constantly metamorphosing. We see the world as static, but it is far from that. We see it as unchangeable, even as it shifts and burns.

It is Life, unimaginable dreams, and what the grainy, worn snapshot reveals is merely a coffin.


Rigmor said...

How many people, do you think, bury their thoughts in religion or faith because it is scary to challenge our existence? Against how many does actually have an absolute belief?

Amos Keppler said...

Not many have a belief of their own. They tend to mindlessly copy the thoughts and actions of others.

Many, way too many bury their thoughts, their very lives in religion, in intolerance and ignorance.