Saturday, March 03, 2007


The scent of spring is in the air. The tribe is growing restless. We have slept through the cold winter. Now, fire is once more heating our bones, stirring our blood.

The move to our upcoming Summer Land begins soon. We will gather our weapons, our scant belongings and leave this place. It has served us well during the long sleep, but no longer. We will hunt in a few days to fill our bellies for the journey, and then we will be on our way, set out for a new brief-home.

The children run about, their happy smiles mirroring the expectant smile in the adults’ faces. It’s a new age, a new season, one that will bring us to places we have never before walked.

There is a natural trail, beyond the mountains of the setting sun. Some of us explored it a bit last summer. It’s a wild, wild setting, filled with game and generosity. We will go there, wander through unknown territory, until we find a place to settle, to stay for a limited time. That will be our home for that time, but not more than the Earth itself is our home.

We are hunters and gatherers, Nomads, and not the least Seekers, both spiritually and physically, of life and fire and Shadow in the world and beyond, in the vast tapestry that is Reality. The fire has been embers during the long sleep, but now we’re once more awakening to our life, even though we seek during the winter, too.

We are always Seeking, and we will always do so, beyond life, beyond death.

It’s not an easy life, but we have learned to appreciate it, to value wild nature’s stark beauty, within and without. It’s far, far better and more rewarding compared to the hellish life we experienced in the Machine Age just a generation ago. The existence we suffered through in civilization seems like a distant dream, or rather a nightmare, now, no more real than a mirage, and that, I guess was all it ever was. Living in nature feels even better than the brief glimpses of it we experienced within civilization. This is the life human beings are born to live. We feel that, beyond doubt, in every part of our body and darkest recesses of our mind and thoughts.

This still feels like the dream, in a way, because it’s so wonderful, so filled with wonders. We can’t and won’t contain our excitement anymore, and we don’t want to or need to. This is freedom, beyond description, unfettered and wild.

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