Sunday, March 25, 2007


- You've got a goatee, like Kurt Cobain, a friend of mine said.

- Yeah, I know, I nodded.

- So, I guess you'll blow your head off, like he did, another friend said.

- I'd rather blow others' head off, I grinned.

And thus ended the discussion.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The tale of two travelers (and other stories)

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is touring South America, and by the sheerest coincidence United States’ president George «Dubya» Bush is doing it, too.

It’s a very good thing, in my opinion that Chavez and several other, newly elected presidents in the Americas challenge Bush and United States’ rule on the continent. Various US administrations and officials and corporations have, hand in hand fucked the people there for close to two hundred years. Is it any wonder that the current population there hate anything and anyone coming from the United States? Of course not. They would be insane not to. United States continues their aggression there, as well as in the rest of the world. The fact that they’re currently mostly occupied elsewhere doesn’t change that fact. The Americas has merely been given a pause, a reprieve, and not a very long one either, at that. The CIA and the might of US intelligence services are no doubt keeping up the good work there as well, though not as heavy handed as they usually are. When things cool down a bit in the east, as it usually does everywhere, any and all powerful parts of the United States will once more turn their eyes in full to their self-designated backyard.

That Chavez was first elected and then has been «allowed» to remain in power for as long as he has, and that Evi Morales and the others have also come to power, says a lot about that fact the US is slipping in South America. With their constant smear campaigns against Chavez and bunch they have certainly done their best with the tools currently at hand. With their assassins and best men busy in the Middle- and Far East they have stretched themselves way to thin. There are limits, even to the resources of the one, single Hyperpower in the world.

Under George Dubya Bush and his administration the United States has invaded two nations, Afghanistan and Iraq without provocation. This is very consistent with how the United States has behaved since the inception of the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. Under the guise of keeping the European colonial powers off their possessions in the «new world», the US began their war of Hegemony, one that has continued to this day. It’s really aggressive capitalism and imperialism combined into something fairly unique in history. Either the US-army or the US-based corporations move in first, and then the other party follows, endlessly exploiting a given country’s resources.

One more thing: If you want me to say a few bad things about Hugo Chavez I easily could or would, but I find it fairly unnecessary, really. I don’t see it as my task at all. The US government and their allies, the multinational corporations, and their countless stooges in the western world, take care of that in quite the zealous way.

«We need to tell him North America is for North Americans and South America is for South Americans - this is our America.»
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Book of Shadows

There are many Books of Shadows. Each witch makes her or his own. A grimoire of Life and Magick, Travel and Imagination. Each book is unique, because every writer, every life, is unique. In the travesty of the present day world, there are still books of Shadows, there will always be. In a worldwide society riding one single wave, ignoring the mighty ocean, diversity and Life still is. Persecution and witchhunts must run rampant in a world built on ignorance and fear, because tales of the other world, reminds the lost of what is out of their reach. But the witches aren’t. They bleed and suffer and die, and thus we have a society of peace. A goal of a stale, lifeless Earth, a Mega City as long as the eye may see. This is the people of the Tombstone dream, so frustrated of course, since the plan never seems to work right.

During recorded history they, the servants, the masters, the slaves of the one wave, of civilization, have done their utmost to eradicate everything that makes life worth living. They celebrated the end of the middle ages, when they believed they had exterminated the last witch.

They were wrong of course. Fire can be reduced to a mere ember, but can never truly be extinguished. Phoenix will ever rise from the ashes.

There are many witches...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Illegal Substances

Some call it drugs. The law calls it illegal substances.

- It’s bad, she said. – It makes people remember everything. It makes people remember all the unpleasant stuff they want to forget.

This is essential, I think, a critical reason for society’s view on illegal substances in general, why they are illegal. They open doors that the tyrants and their masters want to remain closed. They evoke Memory, in both good and bad ways, and it reminds people of whom they truly are. They enhance what is already there. So what they are, is essentially a mirror, and since most people can’t stand to look at themselves in the mirror, because they are ashamed of themselves, and rightly so, they want all tools used to do so to be gone.

Well, let them hide, let them stick their heads in the sand, at least to a point, but they shouldn’t keep others from experiencing the world in all its beauty and variety.

But they do. The repressed people rule the current world, and they are sick beyond belief.

In a rare show of honesty in her profession (and all others) the actor and model Sienna Miller revealed her view on «drugs» recently.

She says she loves the hallucinations she is having while taking drugs like «magic mushrooms», but she is basically experimenting with all kinds of drugs. When asked why she believes so many are experimenting with what is basically illegal all over the world, and not giving a rat’s ass about that fact, she responds promptly: «Cos they're fun! They're loads of fun».

And it is. I and millions of others can attest to that. I don’t use any drug often, even though I have tried most of them at least once. There is no craving for more. I have basically the same relationship with drugs that I have with alcohol (and I don't use that often either): I use it in a natural way, without guilt and fear, both recreational and experimental, as a Seeker.

My favorite is LSD, really. Its active component is clearly among the most powerful there is. I can do without it, obviously, since I have only dropped acid seven times in about a decade and a half, and there is no craving for more. But it’s a great ride, one that cannot truly be described. It has to be experienced. Every door in your mind and in you just slams open, and you truly see the world, as it is - totally mystical and infinite, filled with life and fire… and Mist and Shadow.

The propaganda directed against LSD is terribly unfair.

I wrote a poem about it before I ever tried it. My life as a witch (among other things) brings me plenty of opportunities to experience the current far and «hidden» side of the world. The so-called illegal substances are merely one more method of doing so.

Society’s stated view on all of this is basically propaganda. It’s no more truth in it than in any mirage. I will cautiously recommend doing drugs to anyone. My personal no-no is Heroin, but that’s just me. In Switzerland, where it’s legal or at least tolerated for people to shoot up, addicts go to work every day, and is basically functioning well in society (unfortunately so, I might add). In Amsterdam very few have trouble with any drug use, because they have a healthy, natural view on it.

I know quite a few people that have tried LSD and similar, and none of them have ever had any trouble with it, even though I know there are people that have had trouble, at least in part because of it. It isn’t a toy, and should be treated with the necessary respect.

Drug use has been a natural part of any society throughout history, not just in recreational terms, but much more importantly, in spiritual ceremonies and witchcraft, shamanism and so forth.

My conviction is that people that are open, and live with few inhibitions experience little trouble whatever drugs they are using. People tied down with inhibitions will inevitably be shocked when taking a drug opening them up to the world, but they should take the chance anyway…

People should, generally speaking avoid those substances creating dependencies, though, like Heroin and Nicotine. Smoking nicotine (tobacco for the unenlightened) is very bad in my opinion. And there is just no reward there, a lot of pain and no gain. Leave that alone, and focus on the good stuff.

All of it should be legal. Of course it should. It’s a crime that it isn’t.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


The scent of spring is in the air. The tribe is growing restless. We have slept through the cold winter. Now, fire is once more heating our bones, stirring our blood.

The move to our upcoming Summer Land begins soon. We will gather our weapons, our scant belongings and leave this place. It has served us well during the long sleep, but no longer. We will hunt in a few days to fill our bellies for the journey, and then we will be on our way, set out for a new brief-home.

The children run about, their happy smiles mirroring the expectant smile in the adults’ faces. It’s a new age, a new season, one that will bring us to places we have never before walked.

There is a natural trail, beyond the mountains of the setting sun. Some of us explored it a bit last summer. It’s a wild, wild setting, filled with game and generosity. We will go there, wander through unknown territory, until we find a place to settle, to stay for a limited time. That will be our home for that time, but not more than the Earth itself is our home.

We are hunters and gatherers, Nomads, and not the least Seekers, both spiritually and physically, of life and fire and Shadow in the world and beyond, in the vast tapestry that is Reality. The fire has been embers during the long sleep, but now we’re once more awakening to our life, even though we seek during the winter, too.

We are always Seeking, and we will always do so, beyond life, beyond death.

It’s not an easy life, but we have learned to appreciate it, to value wild nature’s stark beauty, within and without. It’s far, far better and more rewarding compared to the hellish life we experienced in the Machine Age just a generation ago. The existence we suffered through in civilization seems like a distant dream, or rather a nightmare, now, no more real than a mirage, and that, I guess was all it ever was. Living in nature feels even better than the brief glimpses of it we experienced within civilization. This is the life human beings are born to live. We feel that, beyond doubt, in every part of our body and darkest recesses of our mind and thoughts.

This still feels like the dream, in a way, because it’s so wonderful, so filled with wonders. We can’t and won’t contain our excitement anymore, and we don’t want to or need to. This is freedom, beyond description, unfettered and wild.