Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Heading north

The barracuda is heading north. The Mediterranean is swarming with tropical fish or fish previously only swimming tropical seas. The tropics are growing rapidly, heading north and south.

The Sahara desert is coming our way. All deserts are coming.

Tropical deceases and carriers of tropical deceases are gunning for us. Malaria has reached Italy, along with a number of other deceases previously only found in the far south.

It’s an invasion, one we are helpless to stop. Spain, Italy and Greece will be first. Then the rest of us will feel the impact. Africa is practically a wasteland already. On the American continent, in Asia and Australia, and Antarctica the power of the Earth is felt.

The rapidly increasing temperatures caused by the human-created Global Warming are making dramatic changes in both the flora and fauna of the Earth. The Earth is coming for us, and there is nowhere left to hide.

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