Wednesday, January 03, 2007


It’s 2007, according to the western, christian calendar.

The year 1427 is about to end soon, according to Hijri, the Muslim calendar.

In the Chinese calendar it is the year 4703 (or 4704).

The current Hebrew year is 5767.

The Hindu year is 5107.

There are many more. You get the idea.

Incidentally my favorite is this one, of course:

Tonight is the thirteenth night 12062, the seventh year in the time of The Twilight Storm.

A quick glance at both shocking and interesting recent news:

More than four hundred cars were set on fire in France on the western, christian New Year. The unrest in poor suburbs persists.

All in all, there are countless ongoing rebellions all over the world. They continue, even though we don’t hear about them in established media, except when that same media is vilifying them, like all «respectable citizens» do at any turn. Resistance continues against the established order.

New cases of police brutality keep popping up from everywhere. The worldwide tyranny keeps tightening the noose on all kinds of opposition.

New old news about Guantanamo prisoner abuse was released (to the media) today. The «moral high ground» of the United States’ government, never truly believed, is utterly and further ridiculed and rejected.

Electricity has yet to be restored in storm-ridden areas of Sweden and United Kingdom.

High temperature records are set all over the world. The winter on the northern hemisphere this year hasn’t been much of a winter at all. Nature and countless other papers report on visible signs of the human created global warming everywhere. More winter sports events are cancelled than ever before. Officials talk about building tracks with artificial snow and cooling systems in the ground.

«Exceptionally warm autumns in one region or another wouldn't be so telling,» Jürg Luterbacher, a climatologist at the University of Bern, said in December. «But the signal is consistent over the whole European land mass, from Iceland to Greece.»

And it doesn’t let up.

No major changes for the better were made in «2006». On the contrary, of course. We’re going from bad to worse to even worse.

Human-made poisons and chemicals continue to threaten our health and reproductive ability, and instead of doing something about it, new industrial products are introduced every day.

Social-political relations continue to worsen. Injustice is prevalent, and growing. The modern slave trade is growing. The slavers, often among society’s outstanding citizens line their pockets by trading in human misery.

We live in a society, encompassing the entire world that is detrimental to health and all life (except perhaps cockroaches, cockroaches will survive almost anything) on the planet. And nothing is done about it.

Happy New Year.

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