Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bush worse than Nixon

George W. Bush has caused more harm than Richard Nixon, Carl Bernstein, the journalist that exposed the Watergate scandal says. Nixon and his men lied and abused the Constitution, something evoking horrible consequences, but they were stopped. The Bush-administration wasn’t stopped, and they have caused a lot more harm, Bernstein says in an online interview with Washington Post.

Many people say the same thing, and they are more than right. George W. Bush has advanced the course of tyranny more than most men in history, both in his own country and the world at large. He’s just a figurehead, of course, another janitor dancing in the strings of those running him, but that doesn’t alter the facts.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Exhaust fumes stunt lung growth

A new California study confirms what has been evident for close to a hundred years: Exhaust fumes from any combusting engine is damaging to people’s health. The newest study, published in the medical review magazine Lancet, from the University of California, exposes categorically that fact. It states that exhaust fumes stunt lung growth in children growing up near highways. Scientists measured the lung function of 3,677 children from the ages of 10 to 18. They found that even healthy children who did not smoke suffered ill effects. The children had a reduced lung capacity of about ten percent, a major difference compared to those living further away from the road, and this is something that they will never recover from, a burden they will have to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

This is yet another example of thousands of what living in civilization does to a human being. Pollutants, poisons are attacking us wherever we go, and especially in cities and industrial areas, but even the polar bears feel it effects. They’ve struggled with reduced fertility rate for decades because of the massive amounts of poisons modern human activity has released into nature. And so have we. And so are we.

This is what civilization and advanced technology do to all life on Earth.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

True friendship

I helped a friend with a sudden, acute computer problem recently. I helped him over a period of forty-eight hours, where at least half of it was effective time, running a flu and a fever. I didn’t tell him about it, because I felt and feel that such facts are incidental in this matter. He thought I was just exhausted there, at the end, when I started making mistakes.

This is, in my opinion, one example of how far one should go to help a friend, to help, when help is needed, without expecting anything in return.

As stated, I use this as an example, because it is closer to home than something I read in the paper and because it’s recent, writing this while it’s fairly fresh in my mind. I don’t feel particularly praiseworthy, or elevated to god- or «sainthood» because of it. I did something because I felt it was a good thing and right for both him and me, that’s all. He was in trouble. I helped. It is, or should be that easy. It’s simply the way I see things.

Today most people won’t even be inconvenienced to help each other, far less go to any length to do so. I’m not talking christian charity and misunderstood aid here, certainly not, but about something completely opposite and different, and far more fundamental. Christians «help» people because they want something in return. They want conscripts and subservience.

We Human Beings help friends when there is a need. We don’t want subservience in anybody, and no conscripts, no conscripts at all. It is or at least should be that simple.

There should be loyalty among friends, not completely, without reservations, but at least to a point, far out there, beyond the ties of any society. Friends help each other, even without being asked. True friends should form a tribe (and often do), independently of their origin. I agree with those saying that friendship means more than blood that members of a true family hardly grow up under the same roof.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Heading north

The barracuda is heading north. The Mediterranean is swarming with tropical fish or fish previously only swimming tropical seas. The tropics are growing rapidly, heading north and south.

The Sahara desert is coming our way. All deserts are coming.

Tropical deceases and carriers of tropical deceases are gunning for us. Malaria has reached Italy, along with a number of other deceases previously only found in the far south.

It’s an invasion, one we are helpless to stop. Spain, Italy and Greece will be first. Then the rest of us will feel the impact. Africa is practically a wasteland already. On the American continent, in Asia and Australia, and Antarctica the power of the Earth is felt.

The rapidly increasing temperatures caused by the human-created Global Warming are making dramatic changes in both the flora and fauna of the Earth. The Earth is coming for us, and there is nowhere left to hide.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


It’s 2007, according to the western, christian calendar.

The year 1427 is about to end soon, according to Hijri, the Muslim calendar.

In the Chinese calendar it is the year 4703 (or 4704).

The current Hebrew year is 5767.

The Hindu year is 5107.

There are many more. You get the idea.

Incidentally my favorite is this one, of course:

Tonight is the thirteenth night 12062, the seventh year in the time of The Twilight Storm.

A quick glance at both shocking and interesting recent news:

More than four hundred cars were set on fire in France on the western, christian New Year. The unrest in poor suburbs persists.

All in all, there are countless ongoing rebellions all over the world. They continue, even though we don’t hear about them in established media, except when that same media is vilifying them, like all «respectable citizens» do at any turn. Resistance continues against the established order.

New cases of police brutality keep popping up from everywhere. The worldwide tyranny keeps tightening the noose on all kinds of opposition.

New old news about Guantanamo prisoner abuse was released (to the media) today. The «moral high ground» of the United States’ government, never truly believed, is utterly and further ridiculed and rejected.

Electricity has yet to be restored in storm-ridden areas of Sweden and United Kingdom.

High temperature records are set all over the world. The winter on the northern hemisphere this year hasn’t been much of a winter at all. Nature and countless other papers report on visible signs of the human created global warming everywhere. More winter sports events are cancelled than ever before. Officials talk about building tracks with artificial snow and cooling systems in the ground.

«Exceptionally warm autumns in one region or another wouldn't be so telling,» Jürg Luterbacher, a climatologist at the University of Bern, said in December. «But the signal is consistent over the whole European land mass, from Iceland to Greece.»

And it doesn’t let up.

No major changes for the better were made in «2006». On the contrary, of course. We’re going from bad to worse to even worse.

Human-made poisons and chemicals continue to threaten our health and reproductive ability, and instead of doing something about it, new industrial products are introduced every day.

Social-political relations continue to worsen. Injustice is prevalent, and growing. The modern slave trade is growing. The slavers, often among society’s outstanding citizens line their pockets by trading in human misery.

We live in a society, encompassing the entire world that is detrimental to health and all life (except perhaps cockroaches, cockroaches will survive almost anything) on the planet. And nothing is done about it.

Happy New Year.